Kevin Costner & His Wife Christine

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    In perusing our collection of pictures from the Mr. Brooks premiere, we couldn't help but pause on these pictures of Kevin Costner and his wife Christine Baumgartner - and reflect on how Christine just had a baby earlier this month! The Costners welcomed Cayden Wyatt to their family on May 6th, just a few weeks ago - not that you'd be able to tell from looking at Christine,
  3. I think they both look great !
  4. there adorable
  5. They're such a cute couple!
  6. Aww cute!! He's aged very gracefully in my opinion.
  7. Wow they look fab and she is stunning after giving birth so recently.
  8. I was still in my pjs or bathrobe most days, this soon after giving birth lol :biggrin: ;)

    She looks great
  9. These folks do nothing for me. :shrugs: