Kevin & Britney

  1. Kevin & Britney Mix Work, Romance in Vegas

    MONDAY JULY 31, 2006 01:50PM EST

    Federline and Spears in February Photo by: Danny Moloshok / AP

    Kevin Federline traveled to Las Vegas for work – to shoot his "Lose Control" video – but, with wife Britney Spears in tow, managed to find time for fun.

    On Thursday night, Federline, 28, Spears, 24, their 10-month-old son, Sean Preston, and seven friends hit the Sin City restaurant Tao at the Venetian, where Mom and Dad dined on Buddha Chicken and Kobe Sirloin and baby Sean enjoyed mashed carrots, spinach and asparagus prepared just for him by head chef Josh Thomsen, a source tells PEOPLE.

    On Saturday, Federline, who will perform "Lose Control" at the Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 20, filmed the video for the song at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace.

    Once the video had wrapped at around 10:30 p.m., Pure opened to clubgoers and Federline and his crew stayed to celebrate. Spears, who is expecting the couple's second child this fall, stopped by shortly after midnight and received a hug and plenty of attention from her husband, an observer tells PEOPLE.

    After half an hour of canoodling, Spears headed to Tao at the Venetian with a few girlfriends and watched the dance floor from a private perch, while at Pure, Federline took center stage, emceeing from the DJ booth. And he knew how to work the crowd – "Lose Control" was played four times, and by the final spin, the crowd was chanting along.
  2. I was really hoping this would be "Kevin and Britney announce plans to divorce."
  3. :roflmfao: me too! :lol:
  4. Give it time honey, give it time. :lol:
  5. He is just so eewwww...
  6. He just looks evil in that picture!
  7. it's nice to see them getting some good press for a change. i'll admit it, i'm a sucker for britney and i want things to work out for her. since she chose kfed :yucky: i guess things have to work out for him too in order for her to have a happy family/life. :yes:

    his album must be launching very very soon...and he hired a better PR person.
  8. People were chanting along with his song? I would be chanting for them to turn that crap off! I can't believe that skanky man got a recording deal. If that isn't a sign of the end of the world, I don't know what is. :lol:
  10. :roflmfao: I think I would do the same thing too!
  11. [​IMG] Britney Spears at Pure nightclub in Vegas 07/30/06
    [​IMG] Britney Spears at TAO restaurant in Vegas 07/29/06
    [​IMG] Britney Spears at TAO restaurant in Vegas 07/29/06

    [​IMG] Britney Spears at Pure club for Kevin Federline's "Lose Control" video taping in Vegas 07/30/06
    [​IMG] Kevin Federline tapes "Lose Control" in Vegas 07/30/06
  12. ewwwwwww.......
  13. :yucky: i dont like her anymore:Push:
  14. I couldn`t have put it any better. :roflmfao:
  15. I am glad things seem to be doing better for them. I feel sorry for Britney and I really hope all the negative press about Kevin is false and he is really a great person.