Kevin Bacon

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  1. Wow, no thread dedicated just to him - surprising since he is referenced so many times in different threads due to that "six degrees of kevin bacon" game!

    I guess he is just a low key, drama free guy who seems down to earth and thus nothing to really dish about! I do say I admire that more and more in light of the continued drama that goes on with so many others!

    This recreation of Footloose is so fun to watch - read the story and check it out:
  2. Love it. Kevin and his wife seem so down to earth.
  3. Tremors was one of my favorite movies as a kid.
  4. I like Kevin Bacon. I especially love it when he plays the bad guy.
  5. Love his Jimmy Kimmel's dance revival!
  6. I love Kevin Bacon - seems like suh a good guy. The Jimmy Fallon bit was great!
  7. So many great Kevin Bacon movies .... Wild Things, Taking Chance, Animal House and more ....

    And finally Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon .... the game