Kev, the bloodsucker

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  1. Uhm... something else notice something wrong with this pic? :worried:

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  2. Now thats attractive!
  3. :cry
    Is it the hickey?????:wacko:

    D'ah, just got it,title:shame:
  4. I would say the lack of a bra on Britney is pretty bad.

    They must be fake, because she obviously doesn't care if they sag.
  5. Wow I was going to comment on the lack of bra too- that is not cute whatsoever. I am a firm believer in the use of support...

    And I thought they were breaking up? No?
  6. What's with her hair???? She always has it in a raggedy updo that does not look like has been brushed in days let alone washed. I know there's a decent way of wearing a ponytail and that's not one of them!!!

    He's gross! Can't stand him.
  7. Britney always has weird hair extensions that she has no idea how to take care of. They are difficult to style and she really doesn't try.

    She should go for something low maintenance - most women do that anyway when they have a child.
  8. looking at this pic of britney, i think that we can all conclude that pro-activ doesnt work, huh? lool
  9. Well you probably have to use it for it to work.

    Bathing regularly might help, too.
  10. Did Britney get in a fight with a vacuum cleaner? lol
  11. K-Fed just wanted to try out his 'Flowby' ha ha.
    Britney, I thought, used to look really good, she obviously let herself go...she needs to dump the loser and get a total makeover, good lord!:lol:
  12. ahhh. a hickey. how retro.
  13. Yuucchh :sick: !!

    Never was a big Britney fan, but I totally agree ... she has really sunk to new lows after picking up with "K-Fed" (WHAT A LOSER!). :suspiciou

    Advance word on his rap album is that is SUPER-BAD (and the 'BAD' here is really 'BAD'!!!). :cry:
  14. She's never looked so unkempt as she has since meeting him.
  15. I agree, I mean she looks like Jessica Simpson's handmaid, and with all her money (assuming Kevin hasn't squandered the bulk of it), there's just no excuse to look that rough---Eeeesh!