Keurig vs. tassimo

  1. My dh and I want to get one of the single serving coffee makers and have narrowed it down to the Keurig or the Tassimo. Anybody have any opinions/experiences to offer?
  2. I have the Keurig system and I LOVE it. Best invention, in my opinion. Nothing to clean, coffee ready in 30 seconds, everyone can have a different flavor coffee. I bought mine about a year and a half ago so this was before Tassimo came on the market. I can't comment on comparing the two.

    I highly recommend Keurig. I buy the k-cups on the internet, delivered in 2 days. I buy 6 cases at a time. I will never go back to the old way of making coffee. Anyone that tries my coffee in my house raves about it.

    I found Keurig by way of our auto dealership. They had the commercial version and I fell in love with it. The lady at the front desk gave me the info and I bought it from the Keurig website. It seems most auto dealers in my area use this system in their customer waiting area.
  3. My dad got my mom the tassimo for christmas and she ended up returning it for the keurig. The reason she returned it was because the tassimo's t-discs were mainly just the gevalia brand, while the keurig's k-cups come in green mountain, gloria jean's, timothy's, celestial seasonings, etc.. Just much more variety of coffee and tea's with the keurig.

    I love her keurig so much I'm thinking about getting one for myself!

    Hope that helped!
  4. thanks so much. I was leaning towards the Keurig to begin with.

    What website do you buy your k cups from?
  5. anyone else?
  6. The Tassimo was given to me for Christmas. I will admit Keurig does have way more options especially in the tea department. Although...Braun has recently come out with some new options..the brought Seatle coffee on board so I can only assume that variety is on the way. Both machines are great as I have tried both. My friends have the Keurig.

  7. I own the Keurig brewer. I have always been a big coffee drinker, and never quite found a coffee pot I truly loved, and they wore out quickly, plus if you didnt drink the coffee quick it got stale. I absolutely love the Keurig brewer. There are so many choices in the k-cups, and each cup is freshly brewed and has excellent flavor. I buy my k-cups from the keurig site, I like that you can buy a 5 pack as well as the larger size, that way you can try out different flavors and brands. I don't think I could ever go back to a regular coffee maker again. Plus the Keurig customer service is good. If you go to the Keurig website you can actually watch a demonstration of how their k-cups work, there is a tiny built in filter so they work better IMO than the brewers that use the discs. I even bought the reusable filter,that way if their is a special brand of coffee you like that doesn't come in the k-cups you can use it with this. I use the reusable filter sometimes, but the k-cups are so darn convenient & tasty.
  8. I just got a Keurig today and i absolutely totally love it.I don't think i could ever go to a regular coffe maker again.
  9. One dissenting voice... We just got a Keurig in our office a couple of weeks ago, and I'm not crazy about it. It's definitely easy and tidy - but it's really noisy, and the coffee is nowhere near as strong as I like it. The ridiculous thing is that there is a cafe right outside our building and as soon as I step outside they start pulling a triple espresso for me.
  10. I have the tassimo at home and the Keurig at my office and LOVE both! I do agree with other posters that there is a bit more variety in brands with Keurig...but Tassimo has a lot of variety as well with flavors and have Starbucks pods. I don't drink any of the flavored stuff (too processed for me), but the regular coffees between the two makers are pretty similar
  11. These are horrible for the environment. All those little k-cups sit in landfills forever and ever. Pods, made of t-bag material (paper), are much better as they are biodegradable.
  12. Go for the Keurig all the way! It's awesome - clean up is a breeze, and the coffee is amazing. I get mine from and I joined the coffee club thing so it's automatically delivered every three months or so. :smile: You will LOVE it!!

    I'm going to PM you too...
  13. I got a Keurig for my birthday and love it!
  14. [FONT=&quot]I have Keurig machine for quite a while and its just great but I was always feeling guilty about using the non-recyclable k-cups. Recently, I bought this reusable K-cup and I am very happy with it. At last I can drink coffee without feeling bad about it. I suggest you to go with Keurig and do not forget to use K-cup.