Kerry Washington carries a Paddington in the movie Little Man. Picture

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  1. Last night I watched it and almost turned it off because it was so dumb, until I noticed that Kerry Washington's character was carrying a paddington in what I think is whisky or muscade. Her bag was the was the only thing that kept me watching the movie! Even my boyfriend noticed it!
  2. It's not whiskey or muscade. I don't even know if it's authentic :confused1: . LOL, could be, but the lock looks really shiny from far.
  3. I remember a thread about this from ages ago, and the studio definately used a fake bag lol

    its unbelievably, you would think they could bag one for the publicity, but apparantly not! :biggrin:
  4. It looks so yucky!
  5. ive seen that movie too and i can tell that paddy is a bad fake
  6. I thought it look kind of weird. Too stiff or something. But I can't believe a major movie production would use fake bag! That's tacky. But hey, maybe they were on a tight budget!
  7. Shaking my head :borg1:love this guy!