Keratin Treatment Question

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  1. Hi All!

    I had the Marcia Teixeria Keratin Treatment 4-5 times about 2 or 3 years ago and it worked wonders on my hair. My curly frizzy hair was pin straight, healthy, and completely frizz free. I've recently gone from blackish hair to bleached blonde and I love it, but I think it's in need of a keratin again.

    Most places don't offer Marcia anymore because apparently it had a ridiculous amount of formaldehyde in it (which is prob why my hair was so straight!). My salon now does Lasio and Coppolla. Do any of you have experience with either types??

    Also, does anyone with bleach blonde hair do the keratin treatment? Does it cause more damage for you personally? When you use dye does it remove the benefits of the keratin?

    Thanks in advance! ;)
  2. The Copolla caused breakage in my highlighted hair, although I suspect it was the stylist using too high heat/going over same area too much. Stylists without a TON of experience w/ these treatments may not realize blonde hair doesn't need quite as high heat.
    I recommend getting hair highlighted a week BEFORE and moisturizing heavy until keratin treatment. The treatment seals the cuticle so you don't want to open the cuticle back up by highlighting AFTER. KWIM?

  3. Thanks Swanky! I already have breakage. It's really bad. If I'm wearing black and put my fingers through my hair sitting down, my lap is covered with broken blonde ends.

    My stylist recommended doing both processes at the same time (color first) so that it seals the cuticle. You have to wait at least 2 weeks after color to keratin. She's been doing keratins for like 10 years and specializes in them so hopefully she knows what she's doing re: heat! I'm going to see her on Sunday for a consultation. If i'm going to have worse breakage, i'd rather not do keratin at all.

    Was your breakage all over?
  4. It was around my crown unfortunately. I'm guessing my hair was most stressed there already plus they probably noticed most of my curl was there and went over it too many times/too slow.
  5. I had Copolla and loved it. It really delivered smoothing/stretching results. My hair would be noticeably wavy instead of curly, which is the effect I like in these keratin treatments, and totally healthy looking. (But I had the version with formaldehyde in it, I don't know what's out there recently in the Copolla formula.) A few months ago I had a different branded keratin treatment, Global Keratin, and it was not as good as Copolla at all, for the money's worth (300 & up) I was not pleased with Global Keratin.
  6. I met with the keratin specialist at my salon who teaches seminars on keratin etc and has done hundreds of treatments so i feel really comfortable with her doing it! She is charging $300 which includes a full haircut. i'm doing the coppola. they do lasio and coppola but she said that coppola will get my hair straighter and most like the marcia brand (which apparently is now illegal in my state?!)

    I trust her to do the iron at the right temp and will give an update after it's done! Thank you both so much for your feedback.
  7. okay so i just had my first hair wash. My hair took less than 10 min to blow dry (used to take 30-35) and it's really straight. It has more body than it did when i used the marcia. it's rainy, humid, and gross today and it didn't effect my hair at all. i hope it lasts a long time and i plan to continue to use the blondeshell keratin complex shampoo i used this am throughout the process.

    My ends feel a teeny bit dry and i used the kerastase elixir (thanks swanky!) but it's nothing compared to how bad it was before the treatment.
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  8. I had a mini express blow out about 3 years ago. She painted it on like a dye. The blew it out and flat ironed it. I loved it. I couldn't believe my thick frizzy hair could be so great! Well, I had that done again in 6 months, again great! The next time I had the full treatment for over 300 bucks. So totally useless, the express was better. This last time about a few months ago, I noticed instead of painting it on my hair, she just spritzed it on with a bottle. I'm like "wth", are we watering it down or what? It did not seem the same at all :sad: It was a total waste of money and time. Next time I go for my regular root touch up, I am going to ask what is up. Also, going to ask exactly the name because I never knew the names you gals called them. Maybe they are illegal now because of cancer causing ingredients. I really did love the first one I had. It did not change the texture, held a curl or flat ironed nice, and dried really quickly. Now, my hair is all frizzy again. I am using WEN, which controls it better than any other cleanser.
  9. The spray on kind that you had is Lasio. It's not as strong as the others and just gets rid of some frizz, doesn't straighten at all. They spray it on and it doesn't feel like much is in your hair and then you're able to wash it within a day. my stylist does that one as well and told me to get the coppolla to get the results i wanted.

  10. Coppola is what my stylist uses for me. My hair is coarse and frizzy and it works wonders. Lasts about 4 months for me. If I take care of it properly.