Keratin hair treatment

  1. keratin treatment will NEVER damage ur hair. :biggrin: it's supposed to be GOOD for ur hair and the more u do it the better.

    I myself get japanese straightening all the time and that yes, it's damaging to ur hair but any stylist who knows what they are doing will avoid applying the straighteting perm chemicals over ur whole head for a long period of time. He usually washes off the ends after 5 minutes and keeps the rest of the head covered with them.

    anyway, neither treament will work well if u have a severly layered haircut. I know this from first hand experience. Your hair will be spikey like Ashley green on the twilight series no matter how u straighten it.

    also, the difference with japanese straightening is that he japanese method "kills" ur hair making it STAY straight so it's permanent. Keratin washes off with the wrong shampoo and has a lifespan because it's a coating.

    so u can do as many times as u want and it will NOT damage ur hair.

  2. can you still curl your hair with a keratin treatment?
  3. getting mine done on sundayy :smile:)

    i have shakira-esque hair. ( very bigg)
    except even curlier

    im excitedd :biggrin:
  4. aw, but i love shakira's hair. hehe. post before and after pics please!
  5. Has anybody had this treatment with highlighted hair? If so, I am in need of coloring my hair, should i wait to get the treatment done first?
  6. My stylist has done the treatment and tells me that she switches back and forth from straight to curly.

    What is the 4-day (approximately) waiting period like while the processing takes place? Does your hair look horrible? I don't know if I could survive having flat icky hair for 4 days that I cannot even tuck behind my ears!!! :wtf:

    I'm getting married in April and not having to worry about blowing out my hair on my honeymoon sounds like a dream. Do you think it is worth doing pre-wedding?
  7. so today was the day i got it doneee!

    my appt was at 1:45, but my stylist was running 5 minutes late

    i left at appx. 4:40.

    she washed my hair with the products, and really worked it through my scalp so it would get to the roots. then i sat under a blow dryer for about 10-15 minutes to get the excess water out (cuzz i got a LOT of hair)
    then i went bak to her station where she took the treatment itself on, getting at the roots esp. (appx. 30-45 minutes.) then she had ot blow dry it after which took about 45-an hour cause i have really thick hair.
    (btw when your getting it blow dried, it smells terrible. and it also burns your eyes.) and then she did piece by piece, straightening it with the flat iron.

    my hair right now is pin straight, and it has a sticky feell to it b/c of the keratin.
    ( i cant run my fingers through it.)
    the hardest part for me is that i cant tousle my hair so it parts ot the side i want it to without a brush, and i cant put it behind my ears/in a pony tail.
    im getting it washed out on friday, and then im gonna see how it is after :smile:
    and my hair stylist is going to send me the pics so ill post them laterr
  8. I've been getting Keratin treatments in my hair for a couple of years now. Just washed my latest treatment out of my hair this afternoon. I love, love, love, love it!!!! It is worth every penny, and the days of waiting to wash your hair out. 72 hours of hell, but months of shiny, frizz free, beautiful hair!!!
  9. couturegirl sounds so interesting!!! I can't wait to hear about the results!! :biggrin:
  10. I heard this thickens your hair. Is that true?
  11. I did mine almost 3 1/2 weeks ago, so far so good, I really love it! It takes away the frizziness out of your hair but the curl still remain, after you wash your hair, the looks is very natural plus you have a healthy looking and an easy manageable hair. The not so good part is I cannot go swimming in chlorinated water like swimming pool, (or I can also wear a latex cap), it will wash out the keratin faster.
  12. It does not thicken hair...if anything since you are removing bulk/weight from the straightening it will somewhat thin out your hair, but not in the bad way! it will make it smooth and mother in law got hers done and LOVED the results...she has medium-tight curly hair and the treatment she had REALLY relaxed her curl...

    Here's the thing to consider: Which product will work on your hair type?

    There are some Keratin treatments that you wash out immediately, some you wash out after 24 hours...because I have thick thick curly/kinky/nappy hair I'm doing rejuvinol keratin treatment that has to be washed out after 3 days (which allows the product to bond to the hair).

    You should consult your stylist to determine which kind of treatment is best for your type of hair
  13. well, i had it done in february and i'm probably gonna get my second treatment done next month. I have really thick curly and naturally frizzy hair and I must be the only one who loves the three day waiting period after you just get it done. (when you cant wash it for three days and its pin straight.) Usually, when i flat iron my hair when you sleep on it and wake up its all wavy and stuff.....i loved having pin straight hair for three days and not even having to do anything to it.
  14. Brazillian keratin straighteners are amazing for someone who has natural curl and a lot of frizziness. It is important to ask your stylist if they use a formaldehyde-free formula. There are several products on the market that are formaldehyde-free.

    The straighteners have different results on each head of hair. I can say with experience that it definitely smooths the frizziness and relaxes the curl. It doesn't always perfectly straighten the hair. However, even if it doesn't completely straighten the hair, it greatly reduces the dry time and it lessens the amount of damage caused by hot tools.

    The longevity of the product depends on a number of factors. If a person sweats a great deal or exercises a lot, it will reduce the longevity. Sodium is the kryptonite of the Brazillian keratin treatment! You have to follow the home maintenance regimen.

    Keratin does not damage the hair--in fact, it will improve the overall condition of it. It will not thicken the hair because it will actually make it less dense. You can also do color and the keratin treatment on the same day! This is a huge plus for many people.

    All of my clients (I'm a salon consultant who sells professional products to salons including Brazillian keratin products) have been thrilled with the results!
  15. Hi new at this. Was at my hairdresser today and she is telling me that i should try Keratin treatment to get rid of my frizz. I have curly hair and it takes me forever to blow dry my hair. She told me it would be much easier to blow dry once i do the keratin treatment. do you think its worth it? will it damage my hair in the long run? if i get it done i guess it should be a thursday and dont go out until sunday night! haha...

    Help? :smile: