Keratin Bonded Extensions

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  1. Hi All,

    I need some advise from you guys. I am toying with the idea to get keratin bonded hair extensions. I have pretty good shoulder length curly blonde hair. But, I am starting a new job and just want a change. I have been treating my hair back to life for a while and am worried that the extensions will revert my hair back to damaged. All advise and suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I had extensions for over 2 years and bleached my hair at the same time. If you do not maintain them properly there will be rather substantial hair loss when you have them removed. This is because the roots tangle. DO NOT put conditioner on the roots.

    I wouldnt say that they are that bad, but of course, my hair is much healthier without them. I wouldn't hesitate to do them again, but would only do one set (last about 5-6 months) and then give my hair a break.