Kerastase question

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  1. I started using Kerastase after my hair was completely dry/damaged from highights. At this point, I'm using Kerastase masquintense as my regular conditioner (daily or every other day). My hair looks great, but will using this super conditioner daily damage my hair even more?
  2. I'd reduce it back. . . too much of a good thing is too much.
    I'd alternate it at the minimum.
  3. Yea maybe once a week. or you will be spending plenty of money. Kerastase is not cheap. Its suppose to last for a while in your hair. In new york alot of the salons charge 25 just for the mask.
  4. The salon masque treatment should be a little different - more concentrate.
  5. The one she is talking about is, the same one they use at my salon here in brooklyn.
  6. Wow, that's the home formula. The salon's here use the salon formula's when they charge for them.
  7. Has anyone tried the Kerastase Chronologiste treatment? Its super expensive but I've heard it's amazing...
  8. Definitely back off! You should only use that once a week...maybe twice if you're hair is REALLY dry. But it's going to really weigh your hair down a lot and probably cause build up. It may feel nice, but part of why your hair feels so soft is all of that build up. I would recommend using the shampoo and conditioner meant for dry hair and then do the deep conditioner once a week. If you think you're hair is so dry that it needs it this often, consider leaving it in for longer. When my hair is REALLY dry I will put my deep conditioner on my dry hair, or I'll just use a spray bottle to VERY lightly dampen my hair and then put the conditioner. Then I put a shower cap on and lightly (very lightly) blow dry to heat the mask. I will sometimes put a warm towel on over the shower cap too. Or you can sleep with the conditioner on (with the shower cap and towel over your pillow). I think the length of time you leave it on is probably more important then the number of times you use it. Just make sure you rinse VERY WELL!!
  9. oo maybe your're right. Because I went to rite aid and when I took it to the salon, they said " How much did you pay for this? " where did you buy it?" so I am assuming that it was the same thing
  10. Yeah...I would'nt use something that concentrated everyday...believe it or not, it is totally possible to over-condition your hair...and it will just be really limp and lifeless. I would use MasqueIntense maybe once every week or two as a treatment...I have curly/wavy hair, and I do know that the Oleo-Relax masque is a daily mask, but Masqueintense should be used more as a treatment than an every day conditioner.
  11. I'm a licensed hairdresser and I use Kerastase everytime I wash, but I only wash every few days. It can't "damage" your hair to use it often, just use it as much as you feel comfortable/hair doesn't feel heavy. That said damaged hair really shouldn't be washed daily it can actually dry it out more to over clean. It also depends on your hair type, dry curly/wavy hair can handle a heavy conditioner often, but thin or straight can get limp.
  12. depending on how much protein in it, it can damage our hair.
  13. Everyday? I'd stop. It will def. cause lots of build up in your hair.
  14. Daily/every other day wouldn't be a problem really, just so long as you're not using sometihng loaded with Keratin/proteins like that. I would think you couldn't get enough humectant/moisture, but silicones build up.
  15. I'm using an Aveda shampoo before the Masquintense. I haven't noticed that my hair is limp, but my color is brassy. Maybe I should mix it up with one of the Kerastase conditioners that are better for color-treated hair? What do you ladies think?