Kerastase Products

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  1. Can someone explain to me the different product lines? i went on their website, and it didn't give much information about the different lines. i need a leave-in product to make my hair more straight, and smooth, and if it protects from heat, thats an added benefit. I really want try something from Kerastase. What is the Oleo line?

    i was thinking of either trying this:

    or this:

    any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA :smile:
  2. Well first, what type of hair do you have? The solei line is for sun protection and oleo is usually for curly hair. The leave in conditioner I use from them is the nectar's a heat protectant as well and great for dry hair. The ciment thermique is pretty much the same thing except its from weakened/damaged hair

    Also if you are buying kerastase online play it safe and order directly from their site.
    There is A LOT of counterfeit kerastase out there and its authenticity is only guaranteed if you purchase from their site or one of their listed salons.
  3. i use kerastase ciment thermique, it protects from heat and i find it makes my hair much softer. there is also a leave in night treatment that i find really good and not oily.

    the oleo range is quite rich, sometimes i put a very tiny bit of the serum you posted on my ends after i blow dry.
  4. i have wavy hair, and i'm trying to make it go straight. (i'd be using these products before flat ironing and stuff.)

    my hair isnt curly, its wavy. so would the Oleo line not apply to me, then? I don't want anything that will put any any curls in my hair at all.
  5. Oleo RELAX is what you'd want, it's in orange. Mix it up, some of the soleil line and the Oleo Relax may be what works for you.
    I have very thick and very wavy hair and I LOVE Oleo Relax products.
    I picked some of the serum up in Rome 2 yrs ago and I don't always reach for it. :s
    I'd try that, it could really work for you, or this:
  6. I've used Oleo relax for years and I don't have curly hair. It's the most amazing thing I've ever put on my hair.. too bad it's so expensive.
  7. it's SO pricey but SO fabulous!
  8. ^I agree, it's like a small miracle for your hair!
  9. Hi ladies, I use the Oleo Relax also and they have a new conditioning cream, its called Oleo Relax Slim still in the orange box but slightly more gold in tone. It works to make your hair even 'slimmer'.

    Oh and if you have a Nordstrom Rack in your area, they sell Kerastase at a slight discount :flowers:
  10. that's what I recommended! :biggrin:

  11. I recommend the nectar thermique, it's a leave in product the conditions dry hair and is a heat protector on top. plus it's with royal jelly! I love it and it last me for a long time, as I use it only on my dry ends.
    though it's not a straightening product, it does still do the job and my hair is thick.
  12. My favorite is the Bain Miroir line (magenta packaging).

    I also really, really like the FLUIDE CHROMA RICHE leave-in conditioner for styling my hair (which is wavy and heavily highlighted but I smooth it daily with a dryer and a flatiron). This stuff ROCKS.

    Yes, it's pricey but a little product goes a LONG way so IMO it's totally worth it!
  13. I love kerastase. I highlight my hair and use the chroma riche line. Indeed it is very pricey but I purchase my shampoo from
    The prices are extremely reasonable and you can purchase salon sizes.
    happy shopping
  14. Well you got 3 options for a leave-in:ELIXIR OLÉO-RELAX,LAIT NUTRI-SCULPT and SÉRUM OLÉO-RELAX
  15. To be honest, I feel like it's a bit overrated. With the way everyone was making it out to be, I thought my hair would come out so much better. I think it's better to use silicone-free conditioners and sulfate-free shampoos like the Giovanni brand. I've never tried the Kerastase Nectar Thermique, but it has silicones and silicones are pretty bad for your hair. The only products I've used before from Kerastase are the Masquintense and Bain Stain Shampoo. I used an oleo-relax hair product, but I don't remember the name. It was just for de-volumizing my wavy hair.