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  1. Anybody use Kerastase hair products?

    Do you order them online or buy them at the salon?

    If you order them online, what online retailer do you use?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Buy them at the salon and love them!!!
  3. ^me too....i buy them at my hairdresser and they work greatly!!
  4. The Best Products Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i get it from salon. I loved the oleo relax line..i use it and im a fan
  6. i use it too and i love it! it makes my hair shiny and silky :yes:
  7. I use the mask and love it.
  8. i buy my bain elasto (i think thats the spelling..) which is a shampo and a seperate conditioner from a salon. and i love it! its the type for curely hair..:love:
  9. Try the prices are quite good!!!
  10. I buy them from the salon as well. The volumizing shampoo works wonders!
  11. I love their stuff but it is soooo expensive. I buy it in France by the bagload and bring it home, since even with the weak dollar it is still cheaper over there.
  12. I have been wanting to try this.
  13. The best online prices I have found are at
  14. are they worth the money?

    specifically the line for dry, curly hair?
  15. I didn't think so. The products dried out my hair and made my head breakout. :Push: When I talked to my stylist about it she said she had heard lots of complaints about the line since they started carrying it.
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