1. I'm an Aussie and I love, love ,love it :smile:
    My salon stocks Kerastase products I think it's $50 retail for the large bottle. There is a smaller travel size available also. I have both.
    It's great, I always rub a tiny drop after drying to tame flyaways as well as putting on wet hair prior to brushing through with my TangleTeezer.
  2. If you order $100 or more right now they are offering 20% off. Offer ends 5/21 at Kerastase.com
  3. Love this product and the full Kerastase range! I usually buy in my salon or there are some good UK websites selling online. I adore the room fragrances they release as a purchase gift too - heavenly!
  4. Just out of curiosity does anyone know the shelf life? I have a 2 yr old full bottle that I forgot all about...still good or how do you know when to toss?
  5. This product didn't work for me - stylist told me that it was a bit too heavy, leaving a weird shiny residue on the surface of my hair. Reminded me a little of the Oleo Relax serum, which was at least pretty good at reducing humidity problems.
    I have fine-ish frizzy hair which straightens easily, but doesn't like too much product.
    I now use only one prior to heat styling - Ciment Thermique ( from the Kerastase 'green' range). It seems to solve the problem with very little effort, thankfully.

    Still dab a bit of the elixir on the flyaways near my roots though.
  6. I love Elixir Ultime, in fact I love all of the Kerastase products, pricey but worth it and once you use its hard to go back to cheaper brands again. My hair is colour treated and very fine. I have had 3 kids in the last six years and always lost lots of hair after having the babies, up to a year after- Kerastase has been my life saver (well hair saver) I use the nutritive range and before blowdrying I mix a drop of Ultime with Cement Thermique (green range). After straightening I use Ultime again, lightly all over. I also love the Fiber Architecte before straightening, its magic stuff
  7. OMG! I forgot about Aveda's Brilliant Serum, I used to love that stuff.
  8. Me, too!!^^^ I will try the Keratase after I finish the bottle I just bought from Shu Uemura
    which is similar...wonder how they compare....
  9. I finally jumped on the bandwagon - so far, so good. I have really long hair, and one small/quick pump of it is by far enough. My only complaint is now my hair gets greasy a LOT quicker than before.
  10. Really? You must be using it to far up {?}
    I use it from where my ponytail would be and down, never anywhere close enough to make my hair/scalp oily.
  11. Where can you buy this? Wish i knew about it before i had my hair cut!
  12. Any Kerastase salon and on their website.
  13. Has anyone tried the new Elixir Ultime shampoo and conditioning treatment?


    I was really excited when I saw this, but I still have about 1/3 of a bottle of cristaliste that I'm trying to use up. I was originally planning to try some of the Alterna caviar products next, but as I love the elixir ultime serum so much, I'm tempted to give this a go.

    And now there are different "flavours" of elixir ultime too?! Too much choice, I can't cope!!
  14. This is really awesome! My hair looks great, feels so soft and smells wonderful.
  15. Wow, I didn't know they made a shampoo and conditioner now. Smart move!

    As for the "flavors" aka "Grand Cru" options... I replaced the original with the one for Fine hair and really don't like it. It's not even in the same ballpark of awesome as the original. Maybe the other two are better, but, the Rose Millinaire version smelled and felt more like their new Cristalliste serum than Elixir Ultime. It feels thin, watery and "silicone-y' if you know what I mean.

    Not bad, but, not close to what I had wanted or expected.