1. glad everyone loves it! I still :heart: it!!
  2. Swanky--I know you have the BB, so does it make it especially silky/shiny? While my blowouts have still been great, the shine is disappearing :sad: (it has been 11 weeks though). I'm wondering if this will help.
  3. Are you asking about the shine from the BB since your hair is smoother w/ it?
  4. I broke down and bought some of this. I didn't get an extreme amount of volume, but I did not have to wash my hair the next day - it held the style so well. That is rare, since my hair usually gets limp and stringy by day two. Its a keeper!
  5. Speaking of volume! I was reading comments from a poster here about the Kerastase Volumorphose treatment. As I am always desperate for body, I went to a salon a few blocks from my home and begged the salon owner to sell me a few tubes directly (versus the in-salon treatment the tubes are intended for.) I used half a tube the next morning and my hair looked awesome. It didn't have ridiculous volume or anything drastic - it just looked like the best possible hair day my lousy head of hair could be capable of. It was healthy looking and had nice body and shine.

    The truth test of how great Volumorphose is, was that after being at my boyfriend's for a week, I noticed my hair wasn't styiing as well - it looked a little less full and not as overall nice. I was still using the Elixir Ultime and the Volumactive mousse, - but, it just didn't look as good. Used the rest of the tube that I had taken with me and voila - hair looked happy and shiny again.

    I'm currently plotting out a way to get more tubes from a reputable on-line seller - in case the dude at the salon doesn't want to sell them without a treatment again :smile:
  6. Let me know what you find! I was given a tube of Injection De Force, but this is supposed to be used before color treatments. Since I go to a salon to get my hair done, I haven't used this - but I will give it to my hairdresser to use on me before my coloring treatment.

    My, all your suggestions are going to drive me to the poor house (but at least I will have shiny, bouncy hair)!
  7. This is still my favorite Kerastase product! :heart::love:
  8. Do those of you who use this find that it softens your hair in the long run, or is it just a temporary fix? I noticed this has a lot of silicones in it.
  9. Anyone knows if this is protein based?
    I have protein sensitive hair. Anything based on protein makes my hair hard and dull.
  10. I posted the active ingredients in my opening post, maybe this will help{?}

    ^^there are some silicones, but NOT like other "oils". You can feel and see a distinct difference in this oil's texture/consistency compared to Moroccan and other. It's not as thick and sticky. . . silicone-y. Your hair drinks this up. I could feel the build up on my hair after a while using Enjoy oil and Moroccan oil, this DOES not do that :nogood:
    I attached ingredients.

    Picture 12.png
  11. Thanks swanky! It sounds like it might work for me then... MoroccanOil softens my hair but only temporarily.
  12. ^^^ I had the same issue with Maoroccan Oil - worked at first, but after about a month it lost its luster. I like the ELIXIR ULTIME so much better.
  13. Thank you Swanky. I went over the ingredients one more time.. I best show them to my hairdresser.
    BTW I am using the chroma fluid and it is very good but this sounds better ;)
  14. Hi ladies, wonder if you can help me... I used this for the first time yesterday, I put it onto my wet hair before blow drying and it's made my hair so greasy :sad:. I've got really fine hair and I was wondering if you knew what the best way to use it would be?
  15. how much did you use?