1. Thank you Swanky, for the clarification!! If they are fake or counterfeit, I would not know since I do not buy them there.
    It is great to know what to look for, though!!!
    I am very lucky since the distribution center for Latin America is in my hometown so when I go there, I stock up! ;)
  2. This stuff is amazing! My hairdresser calls it "liquid gold". :smile:

    So worth it! Especially for me, since i dye my hair blonde so it definitely isn't the healthiest. This makes it shiney and smooth but not greasy at all!
  3. This is my exact combo too but my hair dresser has started using the elixir on me as well but as soon as my Moroccan is gone, I'm going to buy the elixir. She said it was designed to compete with the Moroccan oil. It smells better and I prefer the consistency which is much thinner than the honey like feel of Moroccan oil.

    Now If only I could find a decent heat protectant that I can use on unwashed hair since the thermique only works on wet hair.
  4. I'm going to try this when I run out of Moroccanoil - I've been wanting to try it for ages, and the Moroccanoil doesn't work great for my hair.
  5. I've been using this for several months now and can say it is my favorite leave-in hair product of all time. It smells great and makes my long hair very easy to comb.

    On top of that, it does the unthinkable - softens and conditions without making my very fine hair greasy!

    It is a miracle product, and I am not saying that from a Kerastase "fanboy" perspective. I have purchase several Kerastase products and out of them, only the Elixir Ultime and hair mask have wow'd me.
  6. I am addicted to Kerastase products. I love Ultime. A small drop will do for me (lots of ultrafine, color-treated hair). Definitely a RAVE for me!
  7. I am definitely trying this!! Thank you so much Swanky! :smile:
  8. This stuff is fantastic! I use it mostly as a leave-in and it gives such smoothness and shine to my hair, and makes it straighter and sleeker if I blow dry it (I have long unruly wavy hair, that doesn't like to behave).
  9. After reading all the reviews, I went to a salon that sells this. I tried the sample on my hair and was instantly sold! Seriously, my hair is thin, limp and dry and now it looks healthy.

    I also got suckered into purchaseing the Nectar Thermique. Before I open it, does anyone have reviews? I only use a blowdryer and I need all the body I can get. Would using this be over-kill?
  10. I use Nectar Thermique and I like it a lot. I can't remember if I've used it in tandem with Elixir Ultime, (because I have a cr@p memory) sorry! but I would never blowdry without one or the other, now.

    With either of these potions, a little goes a long way, I find. Just as well because in the UK at least, they are rather expensive.
  11. If you want crazy body, try the Kerastase Volumactive mousse. My mother was cleaning out her bathroom and gave me two new bottles. It is AMAZING stuff.

    I've used the thickening shampoo and spray from Kerastase, also in the green packaging line - both sucked. The shampoo made my hair unbearably dry and snarled, and the spray did nothing but weigh my hair down.

    The mousse, on the other hand, is the most luxurious body giving product I've tried.

    Top 3 Kerastase products.

    Elixir Ultime - (smells and works great)
    Volumactive Mousse (insane body, pleasant fragrance, no "crunchy" feel)
    Masquintense (smell is kinda "eh" but noticably softer and healthier after use)

    Worst 3 Products

    Sublimateaur Jour leave-in creme (Smells like a 1920's woman's bath soap and does nothing)
    Bain Volumactive shampoo for fine/limp hair (drying and no volume)
    Chroma Riche mask for color treated hair (not even half as great as the Masquintense)

  12. Thanks for your response. The funny thing is, I had the exact mousse in my hand at Nordstrom Rack, but because it was the last one I was afraid it might have been half empty. I shook the can and there seemed to be alot of slooshing around.

    I might go to the other NR tomorrow - they always have alot of Kerastase. I did open and use the Nectar Thermique. My hair was actually bouncy and healthier looking. I used Big Sexy Hair Volume Mousse which is my go to volumizer mousse.
  13. Darn you Swanky-first the Brazilian Blowout and now this (of course I ordered the Elixir RIGHT AWAY!)
  14. I tried this and noticed a big difference in the look and texture of my hair (I did use just little - pea size). I followed the blowdrying with a drop of the Elixir Ultime, brushed through and set my hair with hairspray. My hair looked great!

    I was actually able to go without washing the next day - it didn't get as flat and limp as usual. Just used another drop of Elixir Ultime. Now I am hooked!
  15. Just purchased this product and Swanky you are so correct!!

    Recently I bleached my hair blonde from black hair. The outcome? Horrendous! My hairstylist freaked when she saw all the broken hair ( my hair was practically elastic), frizzed, and dry damage hair.
    I came home with kerastase in tow and put it on my hair. It works wonders! My hair is tamed, softer, and less dry!

    Swankymama you are a true life savior, without your help, I would be crying my eyes out and wouldn't know what to do!