Kerala Bowler

  1. Does anyone like Kerala Bowler?
  2. I love all the Kerala styles.
  3. bagsforme,

    I just got this bag, and I think it is simply gorgeous. I was wondering why hardly anyone talk about it here. I'm not so into "Betty" maybe because it is so neutral looking.
  4. I don't know why it hasn't caught on either. I don't find the Betty appealing either. To many zippers.

    I really like the charms on the Kerala but my horses tail broke off.
  5. Oh... me too:yes:

    There are so many Betty left over on the sales section of NM online. Betty just looks so sporty and nylon looking to me.:shrugs:
  6. I like Kerala, and the charms are cute except the horse... Honestly when I first saw the horse, I thought it was a fake because it was not as greatly made as I wish it would be...
  7. Yes, I wonder what's the horse for:confused1: It'd kind of weigh down the leather.