Kerala bags

  1. So,what do you think about this 3 bags ?

    I i like them, i actually love the bowling style, my only concern is the contrast panelled detailing. Do you like it?

    Big shoulder bag

    Small shoulder bag

    The bowler i think i love. ( :biggrin: )
  2. love them!!!
  3. i have the large bowler in cognac and i absolutely LOVE it. the leather is so wonderful, and the horse detailing makes it extra special. i've gotten so many compliments on this bag, and find it so unique:tup:
  4. I have ordered the bowler now,from NAP, cant wait! :yahoo:

    I was very insecure earlyer, but i think i will love it when i have it in my hands.
  5. Hi Isabelli!

    I just ordered the same bowler & it arrived will LOVE & ADORE it!! I can't say enough about the leather...It's my favorite Chloe of my 3 :smile:
    Enjoy your fabulous new beauty!!!
  6. Lulagirl: congratulate on your bag :smile: I cant wait to get mine.. I have never had a Chloe bag before so its exciting. Does the bag fits on your shoulder,or is it just a handheld bag?
  7. Isabelli...

    You know what...I hadn't even checked that out until you asked me...but I did & it does fit on my shoulder...doesn't hang low or anything but fits comfortably under my arm :smile:

    I cannot say enough how much you will LOVE your bag!
    Even my hubby thinks it's cool & he thinks I have WAAY too many!

    Enjoy & come back & rave to the board about it when your baby arrives!!
  8. Isabelli...

    I almost forgot...the contrast panelled detailing you seemed concerned with is actually quite pretty & a bit more subtle than the picture illustrates. I think you'll really like that area of the bag!!
  9. Lulagirl you are my hero! Thanks for the information! :smile:

    You truly love your bag, and i`m now sure i will to. Thank you!

    I`ll post pictures when it arrives!
  10. Thanks Isabelli! Don't forget to post those pics...I would but my hubby has our great camera on a business trip & I'm afraid the camera I would end up using just wouldn't do our baby justice!!
  11. I had the larger bowler from last season, but ended up returning it because of the weight. I also didn't like the charms.. they kept claning everytime I walked around with it. haha. :smile: The bag itself is GORGEOUS, but be prepared for weight. Its heavier (imo) than the Paddy.
  12. Love them! So glad they have bought them back
  13. I like the charms on keralas! :p I'm lovin this wallet:
  14. I have the small shoulder bag and I really like the purse. The charms are cute but they do make a lot of noise when walking so I just took them off. As for the contrast detailing, it took me a while to get used to but it is very subtle and I think it'll grow on you after awhile.
  15. csamcharlie: The small shoulderbag is so cute!

    I think i just remove the charms too. I probably make a necklace out of the horseshoe and use the horse on my keys or something..

    Hopefully i get used to the contrast detailing. (And more and more bags comes with that now..!)