Kerala arrives tomorrow!!

  1. Barring any problems with shipping/transport due to the strikes, my Kerala arrives tomorrow. It's the tan that's been pictured here already. I'm soooo happy.

    A friend of mine is getting the med. mousse Paddy as well, it looks so gorgeous on her.
  2. How exciting! I've had mine for about a month now & I love it! I love it more each time I use it. :smile:
  3. It's you! It's your fault if I am getting a Kerala. If it hadn't looked sooooo gorgeous on the pics you'd taken, I'd still be holding out for a med. Paddy with silver hardware :lol:
  4. :love:


    Well, after I had the Kerala for a couple of weeks I went ahead & bought a Whiskey Paddington Satchel too!

    Now, I'd love the Kerala Tote in Black, the one on NM's site....& a Khaki Paddington Hobo at Bergdorf's.

    I told my husband that Chloe's are like tattoos (he has them, not me!) Once you get one, you just want more!
  5. And if you don't like 'em, there's always the option of getting a new one or exchange, right? :love: