Kerala arrives tomorrow!!


Well & truly Plumed
Feb 28, 2006
Barring any problems with shipping/transport due to the strikes, my Kerala arrives tomorrow. It's the tan that's been pictured here already. I'm soooo happy.

A friend of mine is getting the med. mousse Paddy as well, it looks so gorgeous on her.
It's you! It's your fault if I am getting a Kerala. If it hadn't looked sooooo gorgeous on the pics you'd taken, I'd still be holding out for a med. Paddy with silver hardware :lol:


Well, after I had the Kerala for a couple of weeks I went ahead & bought a Whiskey Paddington Satchel too!

Now, I'd love the Kerala Tote in Black, the one on NM's site....& a Khaki Paddington Hobo at Bergdorf's.

I told my husband that Chloe's are like tattoos (he has them, not me!) Once you get one, you just want more!