keodi's small collection

  1. Sorry I didn't post sooner I've been busy moving unpacking so here it is...
    DSC00526.JPG DSC00530.JPG DSC00531.JPG DSC00537.JPG DSC00544.JPG
  2. Very nice :smile:
  3. Wow, lookit all that Monogram! Very nice collection :smile:
  4. Great collection.
  5. Great pieces, I like your Fendi mono :biggrin:
  6. Great mono collection. :yes:
  7. aww thanks eugin:yes:
  8. thanks twinkle.tink:smile:
  9. lovely collection.. love your accessories..
  10. That Sac Shopping is AMAZING.
  11. Awesome collection, you've got tons of Mono! And the Cuff bags are really cute! : )
  12. Georgeous! All of it!:yahoo:
  13. love the monogram!
  14. Beautiful variety;)
  15. Lovely! :biggrin: