1. Is there any other fans of KENZO here? I'm not just thinking f the bags which I don't really care for) but the clothes and skincare and perfums? I've loved KENZO ever since I discovered it back in 2002, I really like the inspiration from the east and the flower patterns, the fairy-taleness and the inspiration form nature in general. I feel like the brand has been very over looked sine Kenzo himself decided to retire, and even some stores have been closed. I'm hoping antonio maras will return the brand to former glory!

    Like Kenzo? The have some charming bags this season too. ^_^
  2. I'm a Kenzo lover ;) I particulary like their skincare and footwear... The clothes are nice but for women... I'm a guy and I think that Kenzo clothing for men is a little "flashy" (at least, for my taste).
    I agree when u say that the brand has been "over looked sine Kenzo himself decided to retire" but I believe that it's just a fase... (let's hope so :p)
  3. I've got a pair of their shoes.. and yeah, I agree with Spo0ky that the guy's clothes are a little too flashy..
  4. I don't reall think they're that flashy O.o They come in earthly colours mostly, and have recently had a seventies look. Perhaps some of the floral stuff yes, and it's perhaps a bit too "foresty" kind of sometimes? However the clothes are really comfy, and it shows. In it's own way I don't think brands like gucci are less flashy for men, but just different.
  5. I love Kenzo:love: I don't have anything from them, but they have a huge butique (or at least, a butique who sells a lot of it) in St. Petersburg - near the winter palace, and every time I walk by I'm thinking "ok, I need to go in here and actually get something soon!". Next time I'm there I definately will :yes:
  6. I have a couple of ties, shoes and a jacket (resale shop) that I have in my closet. To be honest, ever since they closed the Kenzo store in SF, I have not really searched out the brand regarding its collection.
  7. Anyone else into Kenzo? It's hard to find anything on this forum but I love the bags and accessories