Kenzia Handbag: Is it a LV copy?

  1. Can anyone tell me anything about the Kenzia handbags? I can't seem to find anything much on the internet other than it's an Italian label. I did find the Kenzia website, but it doesn't list prices, ordering information, history, or even if the bags are leather. Thanks.
  2. I'm not liking those too much!!!
  3. is this great or what
  4. I dont really like it :sad:
  5. ew.
  6. oh i was talking about the pollini lol
  7. I didn't think Pollini was still around. I have one Pollini shoulder bag from the 1990's. I loved it when I carried it. It is now retired.
  8. Both brands strike me as clear wanna-be's. Blech.
  9. You can get Pollini bags and shoes from Zappos: