Kenneth Jay Lane for QVC

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  1. Is it lesser quality than the regular KJL? They have identical pieces. The bracelet I want is sold out everywhere else. It was previously sold at Shopbop and Net-a-Porter, but now is only available on QVC.
  2. I believe it's the same stuff. I bought a ring from there and it was great. :smile:
  3. Not the same- KJL that is sold on qvc is made in China while the main line is made in NYC. QVC line has a similar look but the pieces are made exclusivly for qvc. The bracelet you are seeing in high end stores is a higher quality. QVC does this with a lot of there lines.
  4. Thank you so much for the information. I guess I will keep an eye out on ebay since I can't find the bracelet anywhere else.
  5. I bought a few pieces from qvc and have some from saks. I think they look the same. Order the one from qvc and if its not the quality you like, send it back.