Kenneth Jay Lane, anyone?

  1. I've always liked his stuff, but it always seemed expensive to me for "fake" jewelry....

    Anyway, I needed chandelier earrings to wear to a wedding so I finally bought a pair of KJL earrings and I loooooooooooove them! I can't wait to buy more of his pieces!

    These are the earrings I bought:

    Any other fans out there? Feel free to post pics of your KJL pieces so I can drool over them :lol:
  2. It's lovely! I have the enamel white cuff bracelet, kinda looks like this the crystals are more in a flower shape
  3. those are pretty earrings, esp for wedding!
  4. I have two Kenneth Jay Lane necklaces and love them both. I actually got the one (the red apple) cheaper then it normally is because I found it on QVC, where there is a nice selection of Kenneth Jay Lane stuff. It normally goes for $100 +, and I got it for $50 on QVC.

    These are the necklaces I have....


    The earing's are really cute, I was looking at some simular ones on QVC HERE....

    strawberry.jpg 710091_fpx.tif.jpg
  5. I get my KJL at Saks Off Fifth for practically nothing! I always buy them when there's a 25% or 30% off coupon. I love them!
  6. OMG - those are sooo cute !

    My favourite KJL pieces are their giant cocktail rings, although I do wish their one size rings fit me a little better :sad:
  7. QVC has a TON of great items! My mom bought a few from there when I was little when he first started on there and now the pieces just keep getting cuter and cuter. :love:
  8. Thanks for the compliments on the earrings, ladies!:flowers:

    I got them from Avon of all places! And they were only $30!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was worried about the quality, but I decided to take a chance and I'm thrilled with them! They look even better IRL and they're surprisingly well made:yahoo:

    J Star- Cute bracelet! I love cuffs!

    Neptune- I was just looking at that apple necklace today on a different site. I want to say it was $200ish. I'll have to look on QVC now :graucho:
  9. i love KJL! i have the black strawberry necklace with the crystals and a pair of large gun metal hoops.
  10. i don't own anything (yet) but i think his pieces are cute and a lot of fun. i love everyone's things!!
  11. Love his stuff -- it is available at Net-a-Porter, Bluefly, Shopbop, and QVC. I wear a lot of fashion jewelry (mainly bracelets) and I purchase KJL along with Jcrew and Banana Republic jewelry.
  12. I just bought this little monkey...

    Lets hope he's as cute IRL as in the pic!
  13. Does his items tarnish over time or does it stay pretty much the same over the course of time? The only reason I ask is because I'm slowly getting sick and tired of items that I purchase from H&M or Forever 21 only to have it tarnish in no time. Granted, I paid peanuts in comparison to other brands of costume jewelry but I wouldn't mind paying a bit more if it's something that would last even though its just costume jewelry. :yes:
  14. ^If it's silver/silver plated, it can tarnish but easily clean up. And the gold plated items wear very well also-no chipping of the plating or tarnish. This is MUCH MUCH better quality than any H&M/Claire's/F21 pieces. This will be money well spent on a nice piece rather than on something that will tarnish after 2 wearings and won't be able to be cleaned up. :yes:
  15. This is my one and only piece of KJL - Panther Neckace, and I paid too much for it in fact.
    I've had it for more than a year and it's been worn quite often. Don't notice any tarnish, and the gold does keep well, still looking very new.
    Would love to have more but their cocktail rings, bangles are sized too big on me.
    KJL-Panther-2.jpg BV-Ottone-4-rze.JPG KJL-Panther-1.jpg