Kenneth Cole?

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  1. Gosh, I'm impresssed with the Kenneth Cole bags I've seen lately! (Not to mention his ongoing humanitarian efforts!, as well as the cute slogans!) Anyone else have any comments on New Yorks own great "American Guy"?
    I've had KC bags in the past, and come to think of it, the leather has always been amazing. (Just bought myself a "retired" one on ebay for a song and can't wait to get it!)
  2. I don't find their quality great.
    I ordered a bag and it arrived scratched in the February, it took them a whole month to process check for a shipping reimbursement. I am still waiting for this check, and it is April.
    The slowest company I've ever dealt in US.
    I would only buy his product from Nordstrom or other reputable place and would not rely on his website (I've purchased a bag through his website and it took them 2 weeks to put money back on my account after they received it, very slow).
    His products are staple at outlet store and I would not consider it a compliment for a company.
  3. I have one of the Kenneth Cole NY bags and it's nice soft leather. Has held up well for a couple of years, except for one small nic on the leather...looks like a spot about the size of a pin-head but the leather is actually gone. But not noticeable. My friend at work liked the bag so much she went out and got the same one. She has been carrying hers daily for about 3 years and it also has one small nic.
  4. One of my favorite purses is from Kenneth Cole...the leather is smooshy and just so yummy...I get loads of compliments on it all the time.
  5. I like the KCNY bags but they do often seem a bit ouchy. I find it interesting that Nordstrom has a better selection of KCNY bags than the KC store in a mall here.
  6. I've noticed that some of the KC stores seem to have more of the Reaction bags and not the NY bags. Seems to depend on the market. They one at San Ysidro at the Mexican border had no NY bags at all. The one at Cabazon had the NY ones.
  7. Their return policy is crazy.
  8. I have one of his leather it...
  9. i love kenneth cole. i have been eyeing one of his bags lately
  10. I love him and his products!!

  11. I love KC, I own 2 Kenneth Cole New York bags and 1 Reaction, (check my collection), they are some of my favorites and the quality is great.
  12. My mom loves black leather Kenneth Cole bags. You can pick them up at the outlet by our house for about half their retail price. The leather is amazing and gets better over time while the quality is superb. I have a few pairs of KC shoes and a leather jacket that was marked down from $500 to $150 :wlae:
  13. I love Kenneth Cole bags as well. I have two of them. I love the look and feel of them. I have not had a problem with the leather. I did own a nylon Reaction bag. I wore it all last summer and by the fall, the bag had to go. The corners were frayed.

    I agree their return policy could be better for online orders. When I ordered it was 21 days. For in store, 30.

    I'd recommend getting another. :biggrin: