Kenneth Cole

  1. Anyone have a Kenneth Cole bag? Like them?
  2. I've picked up a few of his bags in shops and almost bought one several times but haven't. The styles are usually good but there's something that stops me buying, not sure what.
  3. I have a Kenneth Cole bag that I love. It's the higher end line and it is very high quality and has worn very well. I bought it while on a trip to NYC a few years back. It was on sale, too. Great bag.
  4. I think his bags are quite substantial for the money....especially his Kenneth Cole New York line. You can get some really nice bags at any one of the Kenneth Cole outlet stores.
  5. I own a Kenneth Cole Hudson rivet hobo.. it's a very good quality bag... great design.
  6. I had a Kenneth Cole NY tote that I bought last year. I used it every day last summer for work and travel, and it held up well. I just gave it to my sister, who lives in NYC and carries a ton of stuff to and from work, including her laptop - she's enjoying it as well. has a lot of Kenneth Cole bags, usually some on sale - that's where I got mine.
  7. Same with me... quality seems good for the $$$ but they are not grabbing me for some reason.
  8. I have a Kenneth Cole New York black leather tote that I have had for about 3 or 4 years. It is a great bag - it has held up beautifully!
  9. My Kenneth Cole New York bag is actually heavier than my Kooba Sienna. But the leather on the Kenneth Cole is to die for soft. Really soft.
  10. I have a black hobo that I picked up from the outlet for under $100. It was the leather that really drew me to the bag. It's very soft and supple with a slightly glossy sheen and getting better with time. I've used it for work everyday for the last 6 months and so far it's holding up well.
  11. I have had quite a few Kenneth Cole bags. Most of them from the Kenneth Cole Reaction line and I have to say they are very functional, fashionable and hold up very well.
    Whether you get the ones from the lower end or higher end line.
  12. I have one. The leather is very nice, but I don't use it anymore since I got another black bag.
  13. i saw some really nice ones when i visited my friend in new york...really good quality...btw...what kind of dog???!!!
  14. I had 2 Kenneth Cole bags that I used for 1.5 years and then recently sold..they were the exact same (studded satchels) but one was black and one was tan..i bought them on clearance for $40 each at Marshalls, and I was extremely happy with them. The quality of the leather was teriffic!
  15. I just purchased the StreamlineTote on Friday for 50% off the price, at the store in NYC. The sale is going on online too!