Kenneth Cole shoes?

  1. Comfy or not? True to size or not? There are a pair on Gotham City Online that I really like. Oh, and these are Kenneth Cole, NOT Kenneth Cole Reaction if that makes a difference.


  2. Oh? Really? Is that right? Wow-I never knew! thanks! :flowers:
  3. Nishi...

    I find Kenneth Cole shoes to run true to size. They are also quite comfortable once you break them in. I bought a pair of Kenneth Cole loafers from Gotham City Online years ago and they are still my favorite pair of loafers. Very comfy! The pair you posted looks like it will be as well.

    Reaction, on the other hand, hurts my feet so I would not recommend that line.
  4. u said it sister^. i have some reaction pumps that rub a lot.
  5. The heels were falling off my Reaction wedge boots after ONE season. Love the boots, hated the quality. I'll never find another pair!!
  6. Yes, they are true to size to slightly big. Definitely do not go even a 1/2 size bigger than normal
  7. Did you try looking at DSW? Designer Shoe Warehouse (the store) they cary allot of Kenneth Cole Reaction and just Kenneth Cole.
  8. i have 4 pairs of kenneth cole (two kc and two kc reaction); they all fit true to size and are some of the most comfortable heels i own. hope that helps!
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE kenneth cole shoes. I have 9 pairs of them. They are known for making comfy and long lasting shoes.