Kenneth Cole or Michael Kors bag for work?

  1. :girlsigh: Which one do you like better? I would order the Michael Kors one ein black,too.

    1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Woodside Satchel

    2.Kenneth Cole Reaction Handbags
    Draw n Order - Tote

    Thanks!! :yes:
    Michael Kors.jpg kenneth Cole.jpg
  2. I like the look of both. The Michael Kors bag has a shoulder drop of 7", the Kenneth Cole bag 9 1/2" so the latter seems more comfortable. Also, the Kenneth Cole bag is cheaper :smile:
  3. Thanks passerby, I agree. I'll probably go with the Kenneth Cole one.(I am buying way to many bags lately:rolleyes: )
  4. I'd also go for Kenneth Cole because I think the quality of bags is better than Michael Kors. I've heard from a SA that Michael Kors is often returned for things breaking...
  5. I've never had a Michael Kors but have seen them in Macys and something keeps me from ever purchasing one. However, I like the look of the MK bag you posted.
  6. I like the quality of Michael Kors bags much more than Kenneth Cole. I think it's a much better investment.
  7. Mk looks nicer in this case.
  8. Maybe I should get them both...?:yes:
  9. That was going to be my recommendation :lol:
  10. I think Michael Kors and Cole Haan are pretty much equal in quality, if you would know Cole Haan. The leather is fabulous on both, and the stitching is perfect. I would not hesitate to get the Michael Kors.
  11. My vote is for Michael Kors. I like the bag much more. :yes:
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