Kenneth Cole - opinions please

  1. I like Kenneth Cole handbags too. I have one in my collection of high end to low end bags. That is a cute bag.
  2. I don't have any Kenneth Cole bags so I can't comment about the quality...I do like the looks of this bag...I love 'bling' and metal...I love the chain strap...The only thing I don't like about it is the tab that goes over the closure of the bag...this would bug me as I am always at the grocery store and I get aggravated when I'm at the checkout and I'm fiddling w/ my purse trying to get my wallet back in my bag....I have a purse w/ this type of closure and I'm going to sell it b/c it's really beginning to tick me off..that flap 'flops' around when it's open and it just bugs me...sorry to ramble..just giving my IS a lovely bag...hopefully this insight won't sway you if you love it..just something to think about if you're as anal retentive as I am..hopefully you're NOT lol!!!!!
  3. I just got a Kenneth Cole satchel from their 50% off sale, and I love it! I haven't had it very long, but it looks very well-made and the leather is thick but soft.

    The only thing I have heard about Kenneth Cole is that their "New York" line, which is a little more expensive, is probably a bit higher-quality than their "Reaction" line. But I can't confirm this, since I don't have anything from "Reaction".
  4. I have a Kenneth Cole NY bag and it has held up well. It has one tiny spot where the leather got dinged or wore away but it's black and I don't feel it makes the bag unwearable. I haven't been using it lately but it was carried a LOT.
  5. I have a small bag by Kenneth Cole and it seems to be fairly sturdy. No loose threads or anything yet. I've had it for about a year and I beat it around all the time. It gets shoved into my bigger bags and still looks new.

    The gold leather on this looks like it might start to wear on the corners with some time but I think its pretty cute! =)
  6. i love them i have two and they look just as good as when i bought them after tons of wear and tear!
  7. I have 4, 2 from their New York line and 2 from their reaction line. They are great bags and the leather is scrumptious. They hold up really well and at a great price. I say go for it!!
  8. I have a black leather Kenneth Cole NY tote that I have had for 4 or 5 years, and it still looks great! I have not babied this bag at all either. My experience is that these are quality bags. :tup:
  9. I have had both lines. The KCNY are normally very nicely made and often look they would cost more than they do. I have gotten rid of my KCR bags because they no longer fit my style but they were happily accepted by others and have been holding up too.
  10. I had a KC bag years ago and although it was no longer my style, it was in SUCH great shape that I sold it for $50 - after many years of wear. And it was probably only $150 new~!
    Gotta love a bag that just won't wear out!
  11. I bought one Kenneth Cole on sale. I don't know the name of it but it was a pierced leather bag, very cute and a great price. However, I returned it because it had sharp nylon threads that poked out of the handle which snagged and ruined many knit tops. The handle looked like smooth cotton thread but if you ran your hand over it you felt some sharp nubs. I got my money back but the clothing was ruined. I guess I'd be really careful before I bought another.
  12. I have a metallic leather Kenneth Cole my mom bought for me on sale. I use it as a school bag and it holds a laptop, textbook, and a ton of other stuff! It's held up really well, and I really love the quality for the price... I don't even have to worry about the rain ruining my laptop! That being said, the zippers have begun to catch a bit after only 2 months but I do use it frequently and carry a lot of things in it.
  13. I have a small Kenneth Cole bag and the strap FELL OFF (!!!) within several months of use... I still use the bag as a clutch, but I definitely think the quality could stand to be a little higher.