Kenneth Cole NY wallet (picture)

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  1. I passed up a Michael Kors wallet a few months ago that I really liked because it was Christmas--time to buy gifts and I wasn't really looking for a new wallet. What I liked most about it was that the outside flap compartment opened nice and big so that you could put both bills and coins in. Ever since I saw that wallet I've been looking for another one like it. They have almost the same one in Loehmann's now but not in colors I like.
    Yesterday I was in TJ Maxx and they had this Kenneth Cole NY wallet in black and a bronze color. I got the black. It's not as expensive as the MK but it's all leather, has the flap opening and it was only $20 (originally $45 full retail). Part of me thinks "it's only $20 so I don't have to love it". The other voice says "maybe you should keeping looking for something you're more excited about". But for 20 bucks, I think I'll keep it...just fun to have something new.
    Any opinions?
  2. That's cute, good deal! It's nice and when you see one that really calls out to you, you won't feel guilty about buying another.