Kenneth Cole Jet Stream on Sale

  1. I have the camera bag jet stream. Its a nice bag.
  2. as do i!!! it's nice and slouchy, lots of pockets.
  3. ^Do you use it as a camera bag? Or a handbag? I have so many bags that I use the KC one as a camera bag. I use all the pockets for the camera equipment.

    I couldn't justify getting another handbag but a camera bag was perfect. :graucho:

  4. that is an awesome deal! it's funny you mention jessica biel... i don't think i would have looked at the bag twice until i saw her wearing it in some magazine and she was just rocking it! it so fit her sporty-sexy vibe. then again, she could wear a bowl of rigatoni on her head and make it look like the hottest thing on the planet...
  5. yes, I just attach the pic, well I am not a fan of her, but she looks so good with that bag
  6. I am desperately looking for a Kenneth Cole Jet Stream Camera Bag. Anyone have one they want to post as buy it now on eBay for me?
  7. That's against the rules here but maybe someone can find a deal online for you. I don't know the likelihood of that though since it's an older style