Kenneth Cole Hudson

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  1. I think its a nice bag. Love the studs.
  2. I like it. I'm personally looking for bags that are a half-step away from the IF type bag -- not so big, not so studded. This one is right there! Which color were you eyeing? The 'scarlet' looks a little tomato-y to me...
  3. i think that it's a great bag, it has a lot of personality and detailing. that's really a lot of bang for the buck, i would say go for it unless you're lusting after something else :P
  4. ^^ Supersaucy....welcome to the Forum. You will soon learn that we are all lusting after TOO many things!
  5. I actually thought about getting the bag. But they don't have it in brown anymore :sad: Oh well.. I got the IF audra instead
  6. I generally like Kenneth Cole bags. I've found them to be well made and stylish.
  7. Very pretty, not busy.:love:
  8. I like it. I'm also liking the Cliphanger.
  9. This really is a good size for a's smaller than their large Hudson Rivet (The "It" bag a few months back)...a perfect size. I wanted it in brown, but they said this size never came in brown. The leather is super soft.

    BTW...I was in Kenneth Cole tonight *(Me and my 10yo ds hung out at Fashion Island..I bribed him! LOL)....they have re-introduced the larger Hudson in brown and black (Orig was $590ish, but new one is in the $400's)...but it is NO WHERE near as nice the the original which had the New Zealand the leather looks stiff, almost plastic and shiny. NOT attractive at all.
  10. I posted this once b4. Im a Kenneth Cole lover.