kenneth cole Designer yes or no

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  1. My friend has a kenneth cole bag and love it she sports it off and says that it was her frist designer handbag, Would you guys classifie Kenneth Cole as a designer.
    Thanks Please write back
  2. ehh.. Kennth Cole is a designer.... and some of the bags under the name are quite pricey.

    I would say that a few years ago, Kenneth Cole isn't as "designer-esque" as it is now....
  3. Umm yes. He does have a runway shoe right? Well okay. There's your answer. Plus celebs elbow each other to get a front seat @ his show and he does beautiful things w/leather when he creates bags. My avatar is a KCole bag.
  4. I wouldn't consider him "High End" Couture But he is a designer.
  5. High end -ehh not when it comes to bags. But nonetheless he holds it down in his own right. I mean the man has been in the game for a long time. And who says her friend can afford "couture"? Just bcuzz it aint a Louis doesnt make it not a designer bag.
  6. you all probably know this already but not every item in the Kenneth Cole store are designed by him. In fact, a large percentage of his men wear are directly from Liz Clairborne. The ones he does design have the black Kenneth Cole tag that looks like hand written.
    With that said, I do love and own many Kenneth Cole bags. I always feel like since he started the business with shoes, he really knows the leather and really uses good quality materials for his hand bag line.
    One thing that I hate about Kenneth Cole bags is turnover speed from the stores to Loehmann's or TJMax. You can buy the bag one day in full price and in one month it'll be in the discount stores.
  7. Whether or not you like this news... Kenneth Cole will now start making $1k+ bags. He's getting into the world of high-end bags.
  8. I agree with you.
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