Kenneth Cole 80% off

  1. there a sale at . up to 80% off. online only.

    free shipping code: WMS01
  2. Thank you so much! Site is slooow but I was able to order some stuff!
  3. Thanks! I just got some stuff but it sure is disappearing fast.
  4. Wow!! Thanks so much!!! Gotta love KC
  5. Oh my goodness!!! What great deals!! I just ordered $1141 worth of stuff fo $233!

    That silver hobo for $600 is only $100. Again, what steals!
  6. great sale, thanks!
  7. There are some really nice wallets for $17.98.
  8. yeah, the site was really really slow before. it's faster now, but it looks like alot of stuff are sold out. there were alot more selections before.
  9. Just ordered a bag and a jeans. :yahoo:Thanks!
  10. t4p. their prices are awesome!
  11. does anyone know if they have a size chart?
    I see some new things I didn't see yesterday!!
  12. I want the Bon Jovi jacket!!!
  13. I need to learn to stay out of this section. LOL. Anyway, I ordered a coupls of bags. I found a free shipping code also:WMS01
  14. I got the camera bag. I've looked at those Jet bags everytime I've gone into a Kenneth Cole. I just didn't want to pay full price for it.
  15. Thanks so much ! MY cc is going to hate me :sad: