Kenneth Cole - 50% and 30% off

  1. Only handbags? Or other items, too?
  2. Oh - forget the last post - I see 50% on ALL marked down items. THANKS for the posting!
  3. :yahoo: thank you soooo much!! i've been waiting for this one!!
  4. From what I can see on their website, the discount has already been reflected in their prices (as it said in fine print on the ad), so no code is needed.

    Happy Shopping!

    Now if we just need to find a free shipping code... :yes:
  5. Most of the sale prices were the same yesterday :sad:, but a free shipping code would defiantly be nice.
  6. Aw, that stinks. A pair of flats I was eyeing yesterday definitely went down in price today, but the discount seems less than 50%. Hm.
  7. You're right, the prices are all messed up (some of them are discounted correctly and some of them are not). But if you call and place an order over the phone (I did) they will give you the correct price.
    And here's the free shipping code: WMS01.

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  8. Does anyone have a new shipping code?