Kennel Hell Story........

  1. so I had the vacation from HE* downpoured the entire week at beach.....had someone I know pass away....THEN....I get home to pull my two SHIBA INUS out of the kennel......WHAT DO I HEAR?
    Ummm...Didnt we call u?Im like...HUH??WTF is going on?
    The kennel says(After collecting a hefty kennel fee for two dogs..mind u)..your 12 yr old SHIBA..Einstein...well....we noticed he is having trouble WALKING>>????????????????????????:wtf::crybaby:
    HUH?He was FINE when I dropped him off a WEEK AGO?AND THEY NEVER FREAKING CALLED ME!!!!!It happened WED.I picked them up SATURDAY???He was limping in pain all week and I never got one call????WTF?SO UPSET.They DID say they called my VET for advice though.
    So I have to take him to the dog ER..PHH spent all day there...they arent sure what happened.He is now on pain meds and if he doesnt improve..we have to bring him back on WED...
    they thought if its not muscle could be a ligament that needs surgery.
    I am so pissed off at the kennel right now its not even funny.I am going to send them the vet bill....I think.Im peived.They were super kisssing my BUTT when I picked my boys up.Oh..and neither dog was groomed either...which they said would be done when I called in advance ...SIGH.LOSERS!
    Anywhohow..I have to keep RIPLEY.the little one AWAY from my 12 yr he loves to chase him...Im losin my mind worrying about EINSTEIN...He can barely walk...
    My poor baby....Im so attached to him..he is like my child...Im so upset.LUCKILY...Taylor .my 11 yr old stayed at a friends house at the beach and wasnt there when this all happened..OTHERWISE...UGH..I think she would have gone BESERK at the kennel....This kid is so obsessed with her dogs..its not funny!(she even has MURALS of our dogs painted in her room!!!LOL!)So at least she didnt see this mess
    Cross yer fingers that he heals....I have a bad feeling...
    he is old healing isnt easy.

    PS-The kennel had no clue what happened.They did say if it wasnt old age related let them know...Assuming they would cover the injuries if it happened due to their neglect.SIGH.I could care less about the money thing..Im just worried sick about my"SON!"
  2. PS-Jill is so getting an AT HOME DOG SITTER from now on........I used to have one..but she went away to college...sigh...
  3. My God. I hope your boy heals quickly. How could those morons leave him in pain?! Even if it was age-related, they should have had the vet see him instead of letting him suffer.:cursing: I would write a letter to the management asking for my vet bills to be paid AND a full refund of the kennel fees... I know it's not about money but you have to hit 'em where it hurts. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  4. OH!!! The least you should do is send them the vets bills!!! How irresponsible....I'd be, ugh... :cursing: :lecture::bagslap::mad::censor:
  5. Ugh! That's awful. Good luck with everything, let us know how it goes.

    I've done pet-sitting for people, and that is definitely the route to go (if you can find someone you trust). The animals I've cared for were always so relaxed because they got to stay home where they were most comfortable. Sorry you had such an awful experience.
  6. UGH!! This is why I don't trust kennels with my pets! They should of at least took your dog to the vet or something!!!
  7. That is really terrible to hear, I'm really sorry. I hope he heals and soon! :flowers:
  8. Thanks guys...what a crappy week!!!!!
    Im gonna call the kennel manager tomorrow.I have a migraine today that is killing Ill deal with the kennel later....
    My poor baby is still lifting his rear leg when he walks.....I have to CARRY him down the deck stairs out back so he can even go out and pee!!UGH!Poor thing.(Im so attached to scares me....he is so important to me..So this is makin me all teary!)
  9. Oh No~~ I am so sorry to hear about all that!!! It's awful when you put your full trust in someone to take care of your treasures and then they go an do something stupid and irresponsible like that!!! I sure do hopy your little guy heals up just fine. Good luck with dealing with the kennel...I hope everything works out for the both of you~!
  10. OH Jill, I am so sorry!!! HUGS! Home sitters are the way to go...we use them all the time! Please keep us informed!

  11. Sorry to hear that! Hope your doggie recovers!!
  12. Jill, this sounds like the symptoms my older dog had when he was a puppy -- exteme pain in rear, trouble walking -- it was lyme disease. It took me 6 trips to the vet -- I was taking him every day. They couldn't figure it out and even the lyme test was negative. He was so bad, I thought he was dying. I even got him morphine prescriptions from the regular pharmacy. Finally, the vet just started him on lyme medicine out of desperation. Within 36 hours he was getting better by the minute.

    I am sorry your boy is sick. It is so upsetting.

  13. Hmmm..Ill have him checked..but he just had his bloodwork done last week(He is on thyroid meds and has bloodwork every 2 months as it is)
    He wasnt limping when I dropped him off..However PHH mentioned he noticed his rear legs shaking recently from old age....especially when getting up ..Ill wait till wed and see...Meantime..Im spoiling his doggie butt off!!LOL!he is gonna gain weight from all the good treats he is getting..LOL
    The other prob I have is RIPLEY..My one yr old SHIBA.He is CRAZY!!!!He tried to get Einstein to play and I have to keep them SEPERATED now...UGH...Its hard to do that!
  14. Oh Jill I'm so sorry to hear!!!!! :crybaby:What a huge nightmare...too scary to think about...:sad: I hope Einstein gets better soon!!!
  15. OMG how awful! I hope your dog is OK. My SO's parents have a Sheeba Inu and they are awesome dogs!

    This is the reason that I don't board my dogs at kennels. If they can't come with me or stay with my parents, I just don't go out of town. Too many things can happen :sad: