Kennedy park milla or Rachelle?

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  1. I really like the sweet heart pink one in both style. Should I get both in the same color? Do you think there Kennedy style could be man friendly? Then I can get that in navy color.

    ETA: small Rachelle style.
  2. Do you have pictures of any of these styles? That would be helpful Also are they outlet or specialty pieces? I couldn't find either on the website.
  3. Rachelle
  4. Kennedy
  5. I personally really like the Rachelle. It's very sturdy. I have one in blue, and it's one of my regular work bags which I know I can take onto the tube and can handle a bit of a bashing when it gets very busy. But depends on what you're looking for in a bag also. I don't think the Rachelles can contain as much in them as some of the other styles.
  6. I don't carry a whole lot. Just keys, a long wallet and a small makeup pouch.
    Oh also my phone. Duh.
  7. Oh you should be alright then. Sometimes I go to the shop and try to put my stuff (phone, purse etc) into the bag to try the fit if I'm not sure.
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  8. I'd go with the Rachelle crossbody
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  9. Thank you! Just ordered the Rachelle from the surprise sale for $129! Can't wait to get it! Only thing, I wish it had feet to keep the bottom from getting dirty! I will have to extra careful not to put it down on a dirty surface.
  10. Exciting! Hope you love it when it arrives.
    I wish the surprise sale would ship to the UK, so jealous of those of you that can buy from there :P
  11. I think a majority of the items (99%) are from the outlet, do you have one in the UK?
  12. I only know of one outlet store in the UK. But I had a look at the surprise sale website, and the prices are still a fair bit cheaper than what I find at the outlets. Also it's about a few hours drive away for me, so cost of petrol and all that. Next time I go the States I will definitely check to see if there's a surprise sale on and if they will ship to my hotel.
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  13. @Freetofly, do you have any friends or relatives in the states where you can ship and maybe they can ship to you?
  14. I do have a couple of people I could ask, I feel a bit awkward about it though, I don't want them to feel like I'm using them. Maybe if there's one sale with something I just have to get I might bite the bullet. What about customs charges for posting to the UK though, that could be quite high?
  15. Yes, KS is quite a bit more expensive there I realized that when friends/family from the UK come here and splurge. With the duties/taxes I'd assume the outlets there and the surprise sale prices are approximately the same? I know that's the case for Canada at the moment, hence I prefer to go to the outlet.