Kendra Scott fine jewelry

Apr 20, 2009
Sugar Land, TX
What's your thoughts on her fine jewelry line? I like the Elisa necklace with diamonds/yellow gold but not sure it's worth the money. Anyone have any pieces?
Jul 28, 2009
Orange County, CA
I love love love my Kendra Scott pieces... so much that I just got my mom some for xmas. The Elisa necklace is a great one, I haven't seen the pave/yellow gold one in person, but do have an Elisa which is not made of precious stones. It's a great size for layering with other necklaces or wearing alone and I've found it super versatile.


Oct 26, 2006
I am totally obsessed ... I can't believe this thread isn't more popular. I'm starting to see her designs more regularly on the RH shows, etc.

I love the delicate nature of her designs, but how easily layer-able they are!


Feb 10, 2014
I have the Kellie long necklace in gold tone with black stones. I gifted my grandmother the same necklace in silver tone with white stones and it's her favorite! As far as costume jewelry goes, Kendra Scott has great pieces !

I can't decide how I feel about the fine jewelry. I've only seen the items IRL once. I wasn't as impressed with the pave pendants as I thought I would be, but the Elias cuff bracelet was lovely and the Lee drop earrings were really sparkly! The prices are pretty reasonable. I just haven't decided if I should pull the trigger yet! I think the pave collection is only available for a limited time (at least that's what the SA told me), so I guess I need to be more decisive or I might miss out!