Kendall and Kylie Jenner

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  1. Cont. . .

    This thread is for news and gossip only. It's not reserved only for negative news or only positive news.

    Please do not have personal chats in this thread and please discuss her show in our TV forum.

    Remain respectful at all times, if you aren't talking directly about Kendall and Kylie + family, then it doesn't belong. NO personal comments about/to members in this thread and we highly recommending using the Ignore User function.

    Previous thread here.
  2. Kylie... wow.

    And I agree that the whole apps to completely change everything about the way you look is weird. Like, really weird lol. Can you just imagine the hot mess-ness that would have existed if all these things would have been available back in the Myspace days :lol:.

    Maybe I am biased, but young Hollywood and teenagers these days are SO try hard! Like, tone it down a few notches lol! JMO.
  3. These hair extensions are all from the same company who gives out codes and branding to "IG famous gurus". Overpriced clip ins is all they are. They just rebrand for the specific celeb. Her hair looks like trash, the blending is so terrible it looks like ratty 3 month old pack hair thats tangling and shedding. I know there will be people lining up the spend the $250+a pack on this trash especially her IG followers.
  4. Didn't one of the other Ks have a hair extension thing? Kimmie? Kan't remember all the crappy products that family shills.

  5. Krappy products surely ?
  6. Oh yes, thank you. Krappy products for sure!
  7. This would have been the perfect time to split the thread in two. Kylie and Kendall are moving in completely separate directions. Their not little anymore. At this point it's like Kourtney and Khloe sharing a thread. Does Kourtney's thread ever move anymore? But she has her own thread.


  9. She looks unbelievably rough.
  10. Looks like Kendall is doing the Chanel SS15 campaign .Baptiste Giabiconi just posted a pic of the two of them


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  11. That's Kendall?
  12. Probably hungover.
  13. She looks cute with bangs.
  14. Kylie's eyes look like they're swollen
  15. Her face is swollen like Tygas (besides the injections.) I wonder if they are sniffing a little something.