Ken Lay Died!

  1. I just saw it on MSN. I can't believe it. Seems as though everyone is dying lately. Mr. Marshall who was fighting Anna Nicole Smith over his father's estate died the same day as JOnBenet's mother.

    The article said Lay had a heart attack. One of his close friends was quoted as saying that this is what happened when you are facing prison and you know you are an innocent man.

    INNOCENT? :roflmfao: Give me a break!
  2. Yea, well I know that sucks for all those employees who lost their life savings because of his actions. He didn't see one day in jail.
  3. yeah I immediately thought suicide. But its not out of the realm of possibility that at his age the stress over going to prison could have easily caused a heart attack he did not want to recover from. Who knows. He's facing a higher court now.
  4. What I didn't like was that Martha Stewart was taken to court, convicted, and sent to prison while Lay never saw any jail/prison time and it took forever to get to the point he was at before he died. Disgusting. People didn't lost their life savings with Martha's situation. People lost their shirts with the Enron fiasco.
  5. I thought suicide, too. But it's not outrageous to think that a man who had very little concern for other people would also have little concern for his own health. I have a feeling he ate a rich, rich diet, and it caught up with him. :shrugs:
  6. I heard there are people in Houston having Ken's Dead parties. Kind of sick but I totally understand why.
  7. yeah. the bottom line is the man died. we are all gonna die. not sticking up for him but how much better are any of us? just because we didn't cheat hundreds of people out of life savings, we do just as much harm every time we cuss someone out on the freeway. Its all about whats in your heart, KWIM?
  8. Yea, I don't wish death on anyone, but it would have been nice to have him serve some of his time.
  9. I do know what you mean. We should all remember that what goes around comes around, no matter how small it seems to you, that stuff adds up. :yes:
  10. God justice is the ultimate justice.
  11. i heard on the view this morning, BW said i guess there is only so much stress that a man can take... idk i mean death is a terrible thing and i dont wish it on anyone but it is hard for me to drum up some sympathy for him
  12. maybe not sympathy but forgiveness. if you want forgiveness, you have to give it.
  13. Stress!
  14. well said, my thoughts exactly.
  15. Ken Lay had a history of coronary artery disease and on the autopsy it said there was evidence of a previous heart attack. The stress of his upcoming incarceration probably didn't help. He also seemed to have a lot of pent up anger IMO.

    It's almost karmic that he, like his employees, didn't get to enjoy his retirement.