1. Did anyone see this bag at the SS? I think it is beautiful in this color. I have never been interested in this bag but it seems to have all that I like. The front pocket and the satchel form. But I think the only color that would be good is the Java. That Khaki is so Blah.

  2. I actually went to the sale with the intention of buying the Kelsey in Java. I tried it on, loved the way it looked and thought it was the perfect size. EXCEPT you need to see it from the side. It is so wide, and a very structured bag so it doesn't feel comfortable under the arm AT ALL. I was so disappointed because I loved everything else about it.
  3. Ahhh, but I like structure and one of the biggest things with me and bags is I like my width. I'll sacrifice length or depth as long as I have width. None on eBay right now and I wrote to Lninos but I doubt he'll be able to get one since it is a Fall bag.
    Anyone see one on sale, let me know!
  4. Well then it sounds perfect for you! It was just so uncomfortable to me, I couldn't lower my arm close to my side at all, and it was hard so it actually would hurt after a short time carrying it. So cute though!
  5. And the more I look at it, maybe the Khaki is not so bad afterall. Did you see both? What do you think on colors? Which would show wear better. I mean everyday scratches or scuffs? The Khaki? I have sooo many dark brown bags....
  6. I saw them both. I personally liked the java, but that is because I don't think the khaki would be good into the winter....but you have so many bags that it wouldn't be a big deal to only use it in the warm months. I think the khaki would obviously show scuffs more than the java, but it didn't seem like a particularly delicate leather. It wasn't really soft like my jessie. I'd go for it in khaki if you already have many dark bags.
  7. The scuffs or scratches I generally get are just those whitish marks in the leather (from your nail, etc). I thought maybe they would show up less on the Khaki. But that Java is a nice warm color.....Oh boy. I'll see what comes up.
    Thanks for the info!
  8. Hey Lexie, I love that bag too, especially in java. I've been holding out on getting it, scouring e-bay, but found zip for weeks, except the one that is already listed in khaki.

    I actually thought I would use it as more of a satchel and only throw it over my shoulder in a pinch. I need a more structured dark brown bag, when my Sienna in Espresso doesn't work.

    Anyway, if you get it, I'd love to hear what you think of it in detail! :smile:
  9. I Got it. The seller was kind enough to lower the BIN price by 50$. I decided in my Closet of Dark Browns a Khaki would be more welcome. Thanks for all of the advice. Not many of these bags around anymore. Youngster...I hope you find your Java!
  10. Ooohh good buy!!! I love the look of that Khaki colour. I almost bought a paige in Khaki but went for a bark lena instead as the paiges that were available to me were on at high prices.

    Cant wait for pics lex!!!! :yes:
  11. I'm Happy. I never cared for the shape of the Paige Bag but loved my Jessie which has the same double buckle "Tarantula Legs" feature. So with this bag I get a little bit of the Paige stylings without the Spider Body shape. I am a sucker for satchel type bags. And if you look at it, it doesn't look like a spider at all with the boxy center...LOL And even though the Khaki is duller that the Java...I needed a lighter bag. 390 was too much but 340 was a deal I thought. I never thought she'd go for it. And OC you will see pics as soon as it arrives.
  12. still holding out for a Java? There's another Kelsey listed on eBay but it's Khaki.
    I'm very happy I got this bag. I'm kind for waiting for my Wilson's spray to arrive so I can treat it before it goes outside. My Carla needs treated too.
  13. Hey Lexie . . . I am still thinking about the java. I did see the listing for the khaki and it's a great color. I'm sort of waiting to see what comes out for Fall and what you think of the bag once you've used it a time or two. (Thanks for being the Kooba-tester around here btw!)
  14. The Khaki Kelsey is beautiful - although it does show scratches. YOu have to be very careful.
    But it is such a nice shape - a little smaller than the Paige (with similar design) - LOVE the zipper - which is different than the paige. I ordered it and my mom loved it so much I picked her up a Khaki at the Sample sale too .
    HOnestly, if you're like me, you have a lot of black and brown bags to choose from for the fall and winter months. I like to wear lighter colors in spring to summer!
    Khaki is a great color and great investment b/c it's so neutral and I'm big on neutral! (just my opinion, the Java was nice but it didn't catch my eye at all at the sample sale). I reminded myself that it is ANOTHER brown bag and moved on.