Kelsey no longer on website?

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  1. Hi
    Does anyone know why the all leather kelseys no longer show on the full price website? All I can find is the signature kelsey.
  2. Sometimes things disappear and pop back up randomly...or, they could be deleted and headed for outlet.
  3. Ok thanks. I will check frequently, I guess.
  4. I saw someone with one today and was thinking maybe I should have looked at her again. Wow, if Kelsey is really on the way to the outlets that was fast! I thought they were going to release a large at some point that was previously an Asian exclusive.
  5. I will check outlets as well as full the price store. I really wanted the birch color.
  6. I called about the large last week and they said it showed no colors and no release date. :sad:
  7. TY...the small was super cute but I would kind of like to see the large. Like Sophia and Lindsey and think the Kelsey is similar.
  8. Looks like they decided not to produce the large in NA and the small sold and no other colurs were made. I wanted a large as well.
  9. According to the fp store I shop at there are no more leather kelsies available anywhere. Up until last week jax had a ship by April 16 date for the black and the grey birch (and this date had already been extended once that I know of) maybe they got word that they were not going to replenish the stock....or maybe Coach is just being Coach...I was hoping for a black to give my daughter at easter and a grey birch for myself.

  10. My guess is that means they are destined for outlet, FOS, or both.
  11. I have one in python ( I got it at Macy's as was not available at FP store) and I adore it. It's very practical and the perfect size to use as satchel or crossbody. I was hoping for it to come in spring/summer colors :sad: Well, I guess if they go to FOS then I will get one in red or pinkish color. Some department stores may still have some left tho.
  12. If they are deleted, that's unfortunate :sad: I really like the Kelsey. I recall a post on the Coach Facebook page a few months back that said the scarlet Kelsey was a big seller... So then why delete it, Coach?? Too bad.
  13. I think the Kelsey is my favorite bag. It's such a perfect size. So,so disappointed that they didn't make it in some spring colors.
  14. I was told that they are literally all gone and that Coach didn't anticipate how popular Kelsy would be.
  15. Great. So they won't even show up at outlets...