Kelsey Is Kooool

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  1. Got the Khaki Kelsey today and I am so glad I got Khaki. It's beautiful. A nice neutral shade that could go into the Winter I think. The bag is so cool. Big & Boxy with some structure to it. Great front pocket and 2 hidden side pockets under the side seam. The pockets can be accessed from the outide or inside. I really want to dive right in and use it but I want to use my Alex for awhile while it's still Spring. It's just a "Springy" bag.
    Back to the Alex. On this design I think the tarantula legs take on more of the look of the Jessie rather than the Paige so I won't get the "willies" using it.



  2. I always liked the look of the khaki shade. Is the shade more like the first pic or the third one IRL lexie?
    The shape of the Kelsey is cute. Sort of a bowling bag style and so unique.
    Can you wear it on the shoulder or is it an 'arm only' bag?
    Modelling pics please!:yes:
  3. Love it! Love the style, the shape and the color. Good choice!
  4. I love it! I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts after you've used it a few times. Am thinking about getting it in java for Fall.
  5. Love the color. Congrats on the bag.
  6. Congrats on that Kelsey, Lexie, love the straps on this bag and it sounds practical, now what about the weight, girl?
  7. The weight is more on the lightweight side. I'd say less than a Sienna. The Color is exactly like the first pic. My batteries were going out and the next 2 pics dulled out. And Yes, you can use it on the shoulders but has PChick said, the width of the bag make your arm really stick out. That's okay by me, cause I wanted more of a handheld satchel.
  8. I really like that color and have thought of getting a Jessie in khaki. Maybe someday....

  9. Hey I saw one on eBay today! :graucho:
  10. I got my Wilson's spray yesterday and gave it it's 1st treatment. I'll do a 2nd today and start using it this week sometimes.

    Wilson's made a faux Pas and sent me 2 boxes. Now I have 4 cans of this stuff. I called them today asking what they wanted me to do and they said just keep it. So for a total of 22.00 I got 4 cans. Not bad. I should be set for a long time.
  11. Hi Lexie
    Did the Wilson's darken the color at all? I have Apple Garde rain and stain repellent (which would probably be very similar to the Wilson's stuff) and also Apple brand Leather Care which is supposed to condition, clean and preserve; also says it provides water resistance. Any experience with these products on lighter colors? I'm thinking I should use something on my new khaki colored Paige. Thanks
  12. Your Kelsey is fab-great shade for all year wear.
  13. I used the spray type this time instead of the aerosol. I applied 2 treatments to it and made sure it was thoroughly covered but not saturated. It looks wonderful. Any of the darker heavier spots from spraying dried perfectly with no spotting. Now after complete drying I am going to say it is a slight shade darker but not dark enough I can say that to be 100% sure. I will take pic of it and compare it to the first pictures I took.
    Spraying certainly didn't do the looks of the bag any damage and I wouldn't feel good about enjoying this bag without protection. I've applied Wilson's to every bag I have with no harm.
  14. I love this bag! I have been Paige-resistant because of the size, and have been lusting after the Khaki Kelsey. Now must have... enjoy it!
  15. I just moved into it today...after Mom (who is 72 years old and not a bag person) told me my Gryson Tate was a Winter bag and would look good with a leather or suede jacket. Well Mom, it's 88 degrees today so I won't be wearing a coat...LOL

    It's very nice and roomy. The front pocket is big enough for my phone and keys. My 2 hidden side pockets stash my lip balms and gum & mints. It is a little weighty with all of my stuff in it but I am used to that. I'll let you know how it holds up and if it scuffs and scratches up.
    I really like it overall and it keeps it's shape even though I don't have it stuffed. That may end after it softens up though.