1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm planning to work really hard this summer and reward myself with a Kelly. I live in NY and since so many people are saying that their stock is always up to par, would I be able to get my dream Kelly relatively easily, even if it's not in the store?

    Secondly, I'm beginning to LOVE the sheen from the box leather though I had wanted the chevre at first. Which would you guys say would make a better, more sophisticated looking Kelly? I'm almost positive that I want one in black. Also, since the box leather cracks over time, would I be able to send it back and have the cracks taken care of? I want my Kelly to be structured, but not weigh a ton. Which leather fitting those requirements do you think would look the best? No exotics...out of my price range at the moment :amuse:

    I would also like the guilloche (sp?) hardware. How hard is it to order one with this?

    Lastly, I'm pretty tall (5'9), so what size should I be looking for? What's the most popular Kelly size?

    One last thing! If anyone knows the price range for a Kelly like this, it would be great!

    Thanks guys and sorry for all the questions! :P
  2. I've never heard of box calf cracking. It is just more susceptible to scratching, but it can be buffed by Hermes.

    I think either Box Calf or Chevre as long as you get a Rigide would look equally elegant.

    If you are tall I suggest a 32cm Kelly.

    I don't know how difficult it is to get the Guilloche hardware, but it is beautiful and a good choice, IMHO.

    I have pictures of one for sale in the Marketplace.:biggrin:
  3. Thanks Mon! I had read in another thread that box calf would crack after some 60 or so years...I think HiHeels had said that. If that's not true, then all the better because I love the sheen!
  4. After 60 years? Well maybe that's true, but I guess I won't be around long enough to know for myself.:P
  5. I am 5'3" and just purchased a Rouge Vif 35cm and love love love it!!
    The size really makes a statement. I've had 32cm but it didn't do it for me and you are tall so go with the 35cm or at least consider it.
  6. I think a 32 or 35 would be best for you. Guilloche is rare and I've only seen it with black box bags. Do you like rigide Kellys or souple? Both are lovely and have their pros/cons. :smile:
  7. Oh, about prices, a 32 souple starts at around $6k right now.
  8. I have read the informative catalog about the rigide vs. the souple, but I'm still a bit confused as who the differences (other than the inner vs. outer stitching). Is there a significant difference between the look of the bags? What would you say are the pros/cons? Thanks!
  9. A souple is much softer and has a more rounded look to it. The rigide has a more pointed, triangular bottom. Go on ebay and you can see examples of both bags.
    Rigide: Keeps it's shape longer, more formal, costs more
    Souple: Can be more casual, may get a little slouchy in some leathers over time, costs less, holds more than the same size rigide, will look smaller than the same size in a rigide.
  10. Shu, PM me and I can send you a side-by-side picture of a rigide and souple Kelly.
  11. Lucy, thank you!! Btw, your bags are GORGEOUS!! Especially the rigide! My computer had a heart attack so I couldn't see the forum for a few seconds.

    I think the rigide is more Kelly-ish whereas the souple reminds me of the Birkin. Does anyone know the average diff. in cost between the souple and the rigide?

    How hard would it be to order a Kelly? Can I just walk in and place an order for one, or is the procedure similar to that of the Birkin?
  12. Shu -- good luck finding your kelly. I'm in the same boat -- but kind of do know what I'd like (in size, and I'd prefer rigide).
  13. Box isn't my favorite because of the scratch factor- my faves are togo and clemence.
  14. Togo and Clemence are great. Chevre, IMO, is divine!
    I love box for a very formal little Kelly 25 or 28 for special ocassions.
  15. Yes, I've been thinking about that! Although box is lovely, I'm very scared about scratching, and it really fade into each other as time passes? This is why I didn't like box in the first place. Chevre was my first choice in the beginning, but I love the sheen of box. I just saw Gigi's chevre Birkin, but how does the sheen on that compare to the sheen on the box?

    Greentea, would you say that box is too formal for everyday? If so, what do you suggest for an everyday Kelly?

    I really want the Guilloche hardware (besides the beauty, I'm hoping it's also better at blending scratches) and does it really only come with the black? I'm really tempted to call Hermes, but it might be rude to ask about purchasing a Kelly outright, and I wouldn't be able to do so until the fall.