Kellys with contrast lining?

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  1. We all know that Birkins and Picotins can be had with contrast leather linings, but are there any others? Like the Kelly, Plume, or Bolide?
  2. kellies - victoria beckham's white with orange/potiron piping (and probably interior) and the white with red piping on ebay a couple months ago.
  3. Yup - and they are beautiful! I have a vert fonce Kelly with vert anis piping and interior. Love it!
  4. Thanks guys- is it possible to get a contrasting interior without the constrasting piping?
  5. Now thats a good question. I have seen a white Birkin with Black interior and there was no black piping
  6. Yes.
  7. :heart: Contrast Lining & Piping!!!:love::love::love:
  8. Yes it is possible.. you can always place your most crazy combination as SO.. just keeping your fingers crossed that whoever received the SO in Paris will have the same wild imagination to pass it ;)