Kelly's Vendetta!

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  1. i just realized I made my kelly look really mean .....
  2. Here's a more friendly photo of them ....:yes:
    DSC00920.jpg DSC00915.jpg
  3. gorgeous kellys!
  4. beautiful kelly's :heart:
  5. WoW!:drool::drool::drool:
  6. Pretty!!
  7. cheeky kellys!

    I didn't know they could be temperamental too...:p
  8. They are lovely!
  9. Oh she's so cute. Love your Ms BJ too!
  10. they are lovely!
  11. Gorgeous Kellys!
  12. The first pic is intimidating!

    Then... so cute!
  13. Such friendly bags.:smile: I was just over at the "Go Kelly Go" thread looking at all the gorgeous Kelly bags. I'm in a Kelly mood today.
  14. I LOVE KELLY`S :heart:
  15. ms kelly looks very mad in the first picture!!!!