kelly's prices

  1. Hi everybody,
    my name is ross from Italy and I really like hermes...
    i would like to buy a big kelly but i don't know the prices . I know that it depends on the leather but if i choose the most economic leather, what should I pay?
    thank you very much
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  3. I just saw a rouge 32 togo kelly for $5900.
  4. Welcome!! In Italy, they are slightly cheaper. Maybe Duna can help with some pricing!
  5. I just bought a black clemence 35 Kelly for $6500 from Bal Harbour, FL
  6. Hi, N.Y.C: ...25cm $ 5000, 28cm...$ 5850 hope this helps... in europe the bags are less.
  7. germany: 4800 euro for a 32 chevre and roughly 4400 for togo
  8. oops...togo, not clemence
  9. I saw a Rouge H Kelly, 32cm w/ PH, rigide in Courchevel $7200 here in Los Angeles, Orange County.
  10. Hi Ross! I'm in Italy aswell; I'm interested in a 35 cm box leather Kelly, and my SA told me it costs 4.170 euro...HTH:flowers:
  11. oh...the Kelly is souple.
  12. Oh, my God!!! I don't know why there is a huge gap on prices each store. There was a blue jean souple togo Kelly 28cm for $6450 before tax!:wtf: I asked SA over and over if it was right price. He literally took out price tag from that Kelly, and it was indeed $6450! It was like 4 months ago, which price should be cheaper than now by then!
  13. Fuchsia Ostrich Kelly 32cm in Souple: $12600 (as of Dec 2005)

    I was told that fuchsia ostrich Kelly 28cm in souple is $11000 this year and last year it was $10500, so that's a $500 price increase.:Push:
  14. I saw a Togo Kelly a while back at SF for $4800 or so. I'm not sure what exact size it was...maybe a 25? DH saw a BJ one for about the same price. :flowers: