Kellys in Barcelona

  1. I'm in Barcelona and I went to the local H store. They had a very sweet white swift 25 kelly...too small for me.

    Than thay had a white togo and toile (light color toile, almost white) Kelly 32. I was really tempted because i really want a toile bag, but my dream one is a birkin or kelly barenia and toile or black and toile...

    I will be in Paris saturday. Should I wait and try in FSH, or go for this one?
    How many chance do I have to score another toile?

    They also had a 32 kelly in poitron epsom and a VIBRATO kelly 32 in brown vibrato and gold swift (not sure on the swift)

    Many 35's one was tourturelle ad one might have been rouge garance.(can't really remember the colors I was looking only for 32, sorry)
  2. i think if you are going to spend $7000 on a bag you should get exactly what you want. what size kelly are you thinking?
  3. id love to know what you thought of the 35 kelly by the way - did you find it too large
  4. 35 is too big for me.
    I only have 32 kellys and 30 birkins.
    You are right about getting the one i want, but i don't know how rare is to get toile....
  5. Costa, you can SO a toile/barenia Kelly, if you don't find anything similar...I've been offered to SO a toile/barenia Birkin more than once, so a Kelly shouldn't be a problem (also since we're in the same part of the World, I guess what my store can, so can yours!;))
  6. costa...would you know how much was the white 25cm kelly? thanks.
  7. Oh sorry I only see this now! I didn't ask for the price. Sorry.
  8. I do wonder why yr H store have so many kellys while my H does not have any :sad:
  9. Are you in BKK?

    Start a H relationship slowly, and you will be shown some Kellys soon. :smile: