Kellybag Pricing

  1. I have been noticing many members want to know recent prices around the globe. If you know very recent prices on a certain size and leather combo please post. This may help another member. Thank you!
  2. $10700 Singapore Dollars for a 28 cm Vache Liagee Kelly

    which is roughly around USD 6800
  3. 32cm Togo Retourne Kelly, $5900
  4. Do share all you kellybag owners!
  5. 28cm Chevre de Coromandel Sellier $6,200 USD
  6. In NYC in September
    25 cm togo retourne $4475

    In NYC in October
    28 cm box retourne $5900
  7. Just last week:
    32 Evercalf retourne Kelly $5,500
    35 VL retourne Kelly $6,500
  8. If anyone ever sees a 28 in togo or clemence could you please check the price for me:tender: ...I never, ever see them and I would love to know how much...for planning purposes! :flowers: :flowers: Thanks!
  9. A few months ago I saw a white Clemence Retourne 28cm for about $5700. For some reason, I think the white is slightly more, though.
  10. Thank you GT!!! :sweatdrop:
  11. I have seen togo kelly in blue jean 28cm for $6450 pretax:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: ! SA was kind of surprised as well and double checked the price. It was indeed $6450 before tax!!!!!!!!!!!

    Togo 25cm bicolor for $5050 before tax (a while ago....I don't remember which month...)
  12. 32cm TOGO Kelly with PH - $7325.00 Canadian + 14% tax
  13. 32cm chevre sellier - $6650
  14. Aspen, was it Sellier?
    Otherwise, that sounds like WAY too much! I just held a 32cm BJ Retourne Togo last week for $5900 pre tax. :confused1: :confused1:
  15. how on earth can a smaller bag in togo cost just $200 less then a bigger bag in chevre? i tell you, i can take the prohibitively high price tags, but when they're inconsistent or don't seem to make sense, that makes me :confused1: .