Kellybag Help!!!

  1. I am a newbie to hermes bags, so please forgive my ignorance. I have decided on my first purchase being a Kelly, I would like it in either the fuschia or the lime green (forgot the name the color is called) I think, I want a textured leather but not sure, does anyone know pricing and how you go about locating one? Also what's the difference in sizing, I would like a 25 or 28 to start, if it's not too small? Why isn't there a Boutique in New Orleans??? :crybaby:
  2. Hi! Welcome Pinkarat!!
    Great choice to pick Kelly! it's a lovelly lovely bag. You can check out the reference thread for some info on leather. pricing wise is around $5,xxx and up depending on size/leather.
    size wise..depend on your height, and if you are a big bag or small bag person. most popular sizes are 28 and 32. saying that..25 and 35 are also great's all the matter of preference.
    It's a little easier to get Kelly now adays..if you are might be able to see a kelly or two on the shelf in a Hermes store. since you don't have a store near you..perhaps plan your vacation around Hermes botique.;) (I recommend that because most stores do not ship Kelly or birkins).
    If you consider buying from a reseller..also check out reference thread for some reputable sellers.
    hope that helps:love:
  3. Welcome! I would add that checking e-bay is a great tool and we can help with making sure the bag is authentic in one of the threads up above....
  4. Welcome! Go to our Hermes Reference sub-forum for more info than you'd want to know about H bags - especially the Kelly!
    Based on your post, I'd recommend a 28cm retourne Kelly in Vert Anis Togo leather. You'll pay just under $6k for it at this time. Fuchsia is also gorgeous and available in chevre (goat) leather, which is one of my faves!
  5. What's the difference in chevre and togo?
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