1. How do I retrieve messages???:sad:
  2. So confused...:upsidedown:..what does this message mean? are you looking for kelly?
  3. I'm trying to figure out which leather holds best on a kelly
  4. what does that have to do w/ retrieving mesages?

  5. It doesn't...I was trying to figure out how the forum works. I'm a new member as of today
  6. welcome moto! Personally, I recommend boxcalf.
  7. Perhaps we should all start over?

    How can we help you?:biggrin:
  8. Moto ~ read the reference threads to get a great idea of leathers. PFers Hermesgroupies has laid it out marvelously.
  9. moto - when you say 'holds up' do you mean over time? For longevity, I would recommend boxcalf, for durability fjord or epsom (less likely to scratch), togo is also very good and durable.

    I wouldn't recommend chamonix (although I adore it). Chevre is also very good, but hard to find, sometimes.

    Depends on which colour you're after, too.
  10. Hi Girls, I'm sorry but I didn't know how this worked exactly. I've made my purchase. I just bought a Kelly 35cm/courchevel/brown/palladium hardware. The thing is that I was under the impression that this type of leather was discontinued, and I was just checking with you ladies to see if I had made the right choice.
  11. It IS discontinued, but a fab leather, all the same! Just be careful of the corners, from memory (HG will be able to confirm this) the "bumps" aren't great at being refurbed on courcheval.

    I miss courcheval - nice bag you have there! CONGRATS! It won't be your last!!!!!
  12. Thank-you...Thank-you...Thank-you. I'm sorry but what do you mean about the "bumps." I have a Blue-Jean/Togo/30cm/PH on hold. I would have preferred at least 35cm. I've waited a loooong time for these handbags...
  13. ^ Oh! I mean if you accidently bump the corners, for example. Leathers like boxcalf can be refurbished quite well, whereas courcheval is a little harder to refurb, I think.

    If you check out the "reference" section near the top of the Hermes Fourm page, you'll find a heading "hermes leather book" where our wonderful Hermesgroupie has compiled a really comprehensive list of all the leathers, and descriptions!

    I'm having a love affair with Blue Jean at the moment! What nice bags you have!
  14. Moto - if you know you would prefer a 35, I say wait for these prices, the bag needs to be perfect for you!